Thursday, 30 July 2009

Blue sea

Update : okay finally, I have a spare time to add some text to this entry.

Here is Snowshill valley, a place beutiful village in Cotswold England. If you ever heard of Cotswold, it was famous for various hollywood movie setting as character village. Not only it has a picturesque village setting with yellow bricked house and a set of perfect laid garden.

It also have a 52 hectars of blue sea with a very sweet smelling fragance filling the air.
The sensation is great. We park the car and this is in front of us...
lavender Can you see the wave? the Snowshill Lavender farm is laid out such that you can see a different layer of lavender colour looked just like a wave rolling in the sea.

My son stand in awe of his Creator mighty hand.
lavender7 You can find millions of bees buzzing. They are too busy doing their business that they won't even bother to distrub you.
lavender5 For the first time in my life, I saw lilac lavender (below).
lavender4 The sky, the brezze, the cloud, the temperature, it's just so perfect that day.
A really nice place to sit and adore the nature and doing nothing!
Giant blue catterpilars!!
Thanks to self timer and our mini tripod. We just documented another very succesful day out.


Stardust said...

Honey, I'll just drown myself in that vast blue, totally amazing! The lavender fields here are nothing compared to the scale over there. It must have smelt incredibly heavenly, what a luxurious place to be in! and yes, your dress is absolutely complimenting!

Cath J said...


beautiful ....amazing!!!! ^_^

(Jeez.. now dreaming want to have a DSLR.. o.O)

I love your photo my fren.. you with all the flowers... ^_^

Char said...


dRaGoNfLy WiNgS said...

I love all your photos.. and your dresses too. ;)

Very nice. :D

Btw, i didn't ask you earlier if it was ok to link you to my blog. Oops.. sorry.

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

I love the picture (second from the bottom) of you alone in the field. You are just lovely :o)

p.s. I never answered your question about how far away we are from Shenandoah. Boone was a 5 hour drive. We will certainly try and meet up with you and the family when you guys come to the states.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful series! Love the lavender.

Natasha de Bell said...

Nice... I like lavender so much

Keri Ann said...

mmm! lavender is my favorite, these are truly beautiful. You are so pretty, and your cute little family. What an amazing place. your images are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

amazing colour!

you go to such beautiful places. so envious :)

betchai said...

love all the pictures, it is amazing to gaze at them and i love all your pictures especially with you and your family, adding more life into the blue sea.

F A I T H said...

This is incredible!!! Wish I could be there! Thanks for introducing Snowshill Valley. :)

J.H said...

@All : I am sorry not to be able to respond as quick, my computer in office seem to hate blogspot lately.

And thank you for complementing the dress, I bought them from ebay :-) Purple has always been my fave colour!!

juskawaime said...

Spectacular scenary =)
Thanx for sharing Jessica..
Ur top is also v pretty.. love the family foto (last shot) as well.. =)

Ayie said...

i've always liked your family happy =)

Claire said...

Wow! It's my dream to prance in a field of fragrant lavender!

J.H said...

@juzkawaime & Ayie : I thank God for them, they are my treasure

@Claire : that's sound like a good idea even though the farmer might not like me to step any of them :-)

pa said...

hi..can you please give me the address of this place....such an amazing place to take pictures...i've googled but afraid will get to the wrong place...many thanks