Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Can this beat Oia Sunset?

I was a little hesitant to book a place outside the ever so picturesque Oia. I read a review about another similar village called Imerovigli. The village is not as expensive nor it is as beautiful as Oia, but it is quieter and thus wearing its title to be the hot spot for various wedding do.
The verdict of travel guide book said : Imerovigli is a traditional village and it is the extension of Fira but is situated on a higher cliff. The name comes from the word "vigla" which means "day". In front of the village is located an enormous rock called Skaros. Until 1800, Skaros was part of the land and had a castle on it where all the administrative offices of the island were located.
The village was almost totally destroyed with the earthquake of 1956, and the cliff-edge houses were abandoned but a tourist trade started up again in the 1970s. Today Imerovigli is a beautiful and quiet village and also one of the top areas in Greece for accommodation!
I should say Imerovigli has it merits compared to Oia. Many hotel here are more child friendly and affordable. There are loads of grocery shop so you can save tons of money from eating out.
Below : Affroesa cool swimming pool glow at night.
But to me, accomodation and price can wait... I come here to experience the view and the sunset. So does Imerovigli sunset can beat the world-beauty-Oia sunset? You'll be the judge. I'll post the complete coverage on Oia sunset tomorrow.

At 8.00 p.m we are waiting.
The colour of the sky looks like a painting, really vivid and rich.

And here it goes, the sunset. Benefitted from higher location, we can see Oia sunset together with Oia village on it! (Yes, the peninsula on the picture below is Oia). I can't believe many books overrated Oia sunset as much better than this.
Bunch of people waiting for the right moment. Fortunately, there is no big crowd like you'll find in Oia.
Most people waiting here are pro photographers with bazooka size lens (I even spot a TV camera! don't be surprise if you see me on Discovery Channel.)
From Imerovigli you can see village Oia, lit up at night.
Isn't that pretty?


Liss said...

Very pretty and that pool looks so inviting too. Oh I so want to swim in it!!!

Char said...

gorgeous shots

Cath J said...

Pretty??? It's HEAVENLY!!!! People can cry just looking at all your photos... ^_^

Natasha de Bell said...

fotonya ga abis-abis. manjain banget penggemar fotografi nih. gw suka liat foto-fotonya nih

Stardust said...

yo girl, you better start checking the Discovery channel then! ;)

To me, anything natural and God made is always underestimated. The beauty is ever changing but remains solid good. This is what so fascinating.

Sunset is beautiful, everywhere. =)Praise the wonderful Maker.

Anonymous said...

I love both sunset and sunrise! :)

MaryAnn Ashley said...

Just stunning... that first shot would make a great print behind the couch or a head board :)