Sunday, 26 July 2009

English Stereotypes

I know my family would really like to know about my life here in England. They came here before, but obviously merely as tourists they have seen England with a different glasses.

When I first arrive in England, I knew nothing about their norm and culture.
Apparently... the comedian, Rowan Atkinson in "Black Adder" already summarise them (yes I hear you saying Mr. Bean but that is not British enough). But in case you don't watch that series (because only British do), you can read a snippet of this story


World's Best Job

ENGLISHMAN Ben Southall, winner of the World's Best Job, hasn't even started "work" yet and he's already living up to the worst stereotypes of his countrymen.

Southall, 34, will collect a $150,000 tax payer-funded salary for six months lounging around the tropical paradise, enjoying free meals and accommodation in a three-bedroom luxury villa on Hamilton Island.

However, the blond-haired project manager from Petersfield, Hampshire, is already complaining his July 1 start date means he will miss out on the English summer, The Sun reports

"I'll miss the long days we have. The island may boast a tropical climate but it gets dark at 8pm," he moaned.

The Brit even whinged about missing English food, saying he would pine for roast dinners.

"It will be far too hot to cook anything like that," he said.

Southall's only duty is to produce a blog detailing his life of leisure and regular activities such as sailing, snorkelling and scuba diving.

He beat off more than 34,000 other applicants from around the world to win the coveted post, dreamed up by Tourism Queensland as part of an award-winning promotional campaign.


Ahem, mister, I think you need to start to count your blessing. In case you complained again, I'll be very willing to do a job swap with you (there you go, you can get paid for watching telly 8 hours a day!!). Nevermind that I can't eat English food or it gets dark at 8 p.m.


Char said...

that's some crazy job, right?

Anonymous said...

I don't know why the dude's complaining. He should count his blessings :)

Stardust said...

AhHAHAHA, that's so true! I wonder if the organizer regrets the choice of the winner. I mean, if you can't love your job! zzZZZ..

Liss said...

It doesn't sound like this guy is going to cope with the Aussie summer.

This is an extremely sort after job and 1000's of Aussie would gladly take his place on Hamilton Island.

Would it be the stereotype of the whinging Pom you are referring to :)

J.H said...

@Char : yeah, crazily fun job!
@Mei Teng : Exactly!
@Stardust : If I were his future bos, this get me thinking.
@Liss : ah yeah, we have a true australian representation here. And I think you are 100% right, there are so many people that willing to do this job. And yes, I should titled this post whinging Pom !

Ayie said...

what an easy life!