Friday, 24 July 2009

How to survive in a hot day

Greece is a very hot country even to a standard of tropical-island-dweller like me.

During early summer (early June) you can expect the temperature hitting 37-39 degree celcius (about 100 Fahrenheit) with only 10% humidity. Many people said it get worse in July as the heat pikes up to 47 degree Celcus.

Luckily most of hotel are equipped with air cond, but alas sometimes the heat still unbearable.
The sunlight at daytime normally so strong and bright, moreover the white/blue hora (greek traditional house) work as a reflector adding to the pain on the eyes. I hardly able to keep my eyes open at all!

So here is a remedy to survive in a long hot day in Greece.

1. Choose a hotel with a nice swimming pool.
When it is too hot to wander anywhere, you'll probably spend 60% of your afternoon in the swimming pool. Therefore a swimming pool with a view is a must!

2. Choose a cave room instead of normal bedroom.
They said cave room is much cooler than normal house, and I have to say there is a lot of truth in it. The material and architecture make it really cool even with no air cond. I love the colour coordinated deco and the uneven wall plaster! It's simply makes me feel like staying somewhere special.
A very interesting experience for us to stay in Nostos Traditional Cave Studio Room for 4 days!

3. Invest in a good sunglasses and sun block lotion!
Yes, my son clearly know how it is feel to go out without any of them.

And then after you are ready, you can sit and enjoy this...
I promise, I'll go back.... one day!


Anonymous said...

Wow..47 degrees is way too hot! I don't like summer. Hot and sunny days in Asia are more bearable.

Beautiful photos.

Liss said...

Ah this is a typical Aussie summer. I love the warmer weather with low humidity. I struggle when the humidity is high like in the tropics.

Your cave hotel room and pool look amazing. If I ever get to Greece again I'd love to stay somewhere like that.

Cath J said...

So heavenly!!! Where is this again?? Greece??? Ow this will be in my list.. ^_^

MK mummy said...

Amazing photos.

Thanks for the tips. I will remember when I book the hotel next year.

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

WOW...WOW...WOW...those pics are gorgeous!!! Looks likebyou're having a wonderful time:-)
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such kind words...I FINISHED the mural today...and just posted pics.
Have a lovely weekend!

betchai said...

the pictures look heavenly, but i do not know if i can stand that heat despite coming from tropical country too but at least it never get that really hot. been to las vegas in summer at about that heat and i could not even go to swimming pool since the air after getting out of the pool is still to hot and all i did was stay inside the hotel :(

but the pictures are so inviting.

Cath J said...

You know what my friend.. last nite I was dreaming visiting all the place on your photo on this post!!!

I am so obsess already.. ^_^

juskawaime said...

OMG ... pictures shared are awesome!! mesmerising =) That will be my dreamz for now =D Thanx for sharing Jessica =)

Ayie said...

I totally agree with what Mei said...what I was gonna say is almost same as what Mei said. I can hardly bear 38 deg here

Claire said...

These photos are so inviting! So beautiful!