Wednesday, 29 July 2009

My daily routine

Just in case you are wondering is it though to be a 2 year old?
Okay, let me tell you what I do. I woke up [forcefully] at around 7.30 a.m. My mom stuffed a tooth brush in my mouth, frantically change my nappy and clothes, brush my hair [optional] and tadah, I am ready in less than 10 minutes. Then she put on my outdoor slipper and drag me to the door.
She used to carry me to the car, but now... she told me I was waaaayyy to heavy. Heavier than a sack of tesco rice she brought. So, I have to walk from the apartement to the parking lot and jump to my car seat.
I am normally pretty well behaved boy during my 35 minute journey to Ms Julie house. I will drink my milk, eat my bananas while spotting all the train, buses, trucks and minis. I like to count police car and ambulance too. Before long, I arrived at Ms Julie house. I had the honour of pressing the door bell and peek from her letter box. Yes I saw my best friend Ryan is approacing, and trying to open the door for me.

The fun day begin.
I had never been bored in Ms Julie's house. Both me and Ryan bake cakes, playing with his multi-storey car park, giant lego blocks, fancy equipment on his boys work bench [Ms Julie trained us to be a real man this early, I tell you], or jumping on the tranpoline!!! and oh yes... he had a box full of trains and tracks too.
She even do something that probably my mom and dad dread me to do as I always mess up the house.
Yes, I picked red for my binoculars. I love red!
Ms Julie sometimes brings us out to the city, play in the sand pit, or picnic in the park. On a rainy day [which is most of the time here in England] she brings us to indoor play area [I looooove it!!!] or even swimming pool [swimming pool are normally heated and indoor].
If we ask her nicely, she might even let us jump in muddy puddles with Ryan's wellington boots and raincoats. Oh yes, sometimes, on special occassion all of us went to kids theme park or to the farm to pet some rabbit and feed bottle the baby goat. We jump on giant bouncy castle that have a cool long slides. But my favorite is to ride on the tractor around the farm.
On school holiday, when all those fun kiddie places are packed. She will inflate the paddling pool on her garden and spray us with the hose. We'll play fishing and pirates hunt. All of us love it!
Few days ago was Ryan 3rd birthday. He had a "monkey" cake. I thought it is pretty cool. We play and party all day long.
I even completely forgot about my nap!
Ryan got a really nice quad-bike from his parents. I can tell he like it a lot. I thought it was so sweet of him to let me have a turn riding it.
My mom told me this picture is hillarious. For no apparent reason.
Below, I am wearing a party hat while sitting on Ms Julie lap. She loves to give me cuddles.
Beside, eating, playing and napping. I also have a new activity added to my list. And even THIS I do it together with my best friend.
Don't you think my Thomas potty chair is cool? [Okay, if my mom change her mind, she might remove the image above, so grab yourself a copy before she decide to take it offline].

The day is over, the doorbell rang, and I will run to the door.

"Josiah is your mommey" Ryan told me.

And I will run to the door and scream "Mommey....mommey...!!"
I hugged my mom, wave goodbye to Ms Julie and Uncle Michael. And now... time to have a rest in my comfy car seat.

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Cath J said...

awwww.... thats soo cute.... he is having fun with friends already... I am thinking sending my boy to any nearby play school next year... he always say 'Joel wanna go to school'... how on earth he knows about school.. lol.. may be he saw on TV.. ^_^

Mei Teng said...

May I trade places with this 2 year old? Hehe...aah to be like child again :)

Merryn said...

the potty pics is so natural. I love josiah's smile there!

Char said...


Ayie said...

that's a cool monkey cake! I want one too! haha

you're too busy but i love to take your spot and experience that kind busy life again =) i mis being a kid =P

Mei, i am with u!

Stardust said...

Ah hahah, Josiah sure has fun at Ms. Julie's place with other guys. That potty pict cracks me up!

Liss said...


you have a very fun day even if your mummy does get you up early.

you are a very good boy for walking to the car all by yourself. I bet mummy is proud of you. :)

J.H said...

thanks everyone for leaving a comment. I am sure one of these day I'll post up some of my fun day out again!

with lots of kisses,

Julie said...

I love this so much I have printed it off to put in my portfolio. It's fantastic to here compliments thank you. xx