Monday, 6 July 2009

Oia, the beautiful

It's not just America the Beautiful, this small village on the north tip of Santorini is certainly the best dressed village in the entire island.
You'll find the best restaurant, caffee, bar, posh looking boutique, hotels and windmills.
A little bit of some random images :

But the thing is, there is nothing cheap in Oia. Holding its reputation as the "fairness" among all certainly has to cost something. However, Oia remains one of the foremost tourist attractions of the Aegean Sea.

(Below, winding road from Athina port to Fira)
The famous Oia sunset, considered by many as one of the most beautiful in the world, keeps tourists flocking down to the castle, waiting for the moment when the sun slips down on the calm sea of the caldera.
Tourists are often told that the fishing docks at Oia are the oldest continually used docks in the world, supposedly being in service for 3000 years. While an interesting bit of tourist trivia, no evidence is supplied to validate the claim.
But it is not all sounded so sweet for Oia. As you see that santorini is an island that exist because of volcanic eruption and therefore in 1956, a huge earthquake has destroyed Oia and the village remain empty for awhile.
After the devastating 1956 earthquake and the passing of 80 years, 1980 presented us with the following: just 500 permanent residents, 75% who are mariners and who have 112 seafaring vessels. They decorated their village with neoclassical buildings which today bear witness to an age that has passed. The architecture of Oia is typical Santorini with houses sunk deep into the volcanic soil, their whitewashed walls and blue domes sparkling in the sunlight.
Once the Oia had been officially listed as a protected traditional community, some sixty derelict houses, abandoned in the wake of the 1956 earthquake, were repaired and converted into hotels and rented rooms. Visitors looking for atmosphere and peace and quiet come to Oia, where they can find some of the most beautiful hotels on the island, perfectly integrated in the landscape.
With so many things to offer, no wonder that many people sort of lost senses when they visit Oia. So, I said... welcome to Oia, the beautiful! Enjoy your stay :-)


Liss said...

You have some really beautiful photos and memories of your holiday.

Re: you last post it is hard work traveling with kids so I take my hat off to you for doing it with what looks like ease. Because it isn't just about the extra luggage and strollers etc you need to bring it's also hard for many other reasons like getting them to settle down at night in a strange place.

Cath J said...

Sooo breath taking!!!!!! I just feels wanted to go there... :-D

Anonymous said...

I love the mini market. The colour's vivid. And the structure's beautiful.

MK mummy said...

sooo beautiful. We are planning to go there this summer. But with a 6 months old bb, mmm.. i wonder whether it is a wise choice?

Stardust said...

Breathtakingly beautiful!! I love all the blue and sunshine, and do you know babe? You can pass for a model! =D

Natasha de Bell said...

kacamatanya keren