Saturday, 11 July 2009

Please BEE mine

I owe this post to everyone. It's has been a busy week. With extra 4 people around the house, sharing the same kitchen, living room and try to keep them tidy and clean from bacteria at the same time (one out of four is a baby) is not an easy task.
Nonetheless I have a good time with our friends. Anyway... back to the topic. Summer has been pretty mild lately. The wind are cold and wet, in fact it rain or drizzle most of the time. However, one of the day when it was sunny and warm, me and a colleague of mine went down for a walk, and the small roundabout nearby our office has turned into a beautiful flower meadow!
we saw so many bees!
Forgive me, the picture might be too small as I only bring my 50mm lens. I already count myself lucky to bring a bulky SLR with no apparent purpose in mind. (Click the image to enlarge, it looks much nicer that way :-))
This is a perfect place to relax and just watch the insect at work, collecting nectar. The flowers (I can only name poppies, not sure about the rest of them) swing from side to side in the wind. At that moment, I was hoping that one day I'll have this flower meadow on my back garden.
Can you spot the bee?
Probably much rain is not too bad afterall.


Cath J said...

OMG my fren.. I just fall in love with your header... Can I have it to become my laptop screen saver or maybe background.. pleaseeee... :-D

1st time in my life begging for a photo.. *blush*

Kamana said...

love these! so much colour :)

Char said...

beautiful shots - enjoy your company! :)

Lil' gem said...

You brought your SLR to work? :-) As always, beautiful pictures!

J.H said...

@cath : I am working on that post very soon :-)

@lil' Gem : sometimes I do, but most of the time I don't. That's why I said I've been very fortunate to bring it on the right time :-)

Mei Teng said...

The flowers are so pretty!

Stardust said...

The bees are huge! =D Beeautiful pictures.