Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Prata Hotdog

It's been awhile since I have not post a recipe.
I was inpired by The Pondanys blog to make this, thanks to her creative idea! You can find the step by step how to make this on her blog or by clicking this.
While to make the curry I use :
1. chilli padi
2. creamy coconut milk
3. curry powder
4. corriander leaves
5. fish sauce
6. tamarid
7. galic, salt and sugar
Alternatively, you can add vegetable (I add chopped carrot and long bean) to the curry.
This can make a really nice snack, perfect cure of hunger when you don't fancy messing around too much in the kitchen :-)


Mei Teng said...

It's almost dinner and you're making me drool. Looks yummy!

Cath J said...

Looks yummy!!!... :-D

Liss said...

what a great party snack this would make.

Great touch with the curry sauce at the end. I love Asian curries, I'm catching up with a girlfriend this weekend and we are going out for Thai (like always) so I'll get my fix this weekend.

Charlene n Kevin said...

Hey! I'm glad you liked the recipe, it's one of our fav snacks :D

Say, I've been meaning to ask you this for a while but never got around to it, do you want to trade links?

Stardust said...

OK! I'll surely mark this and do you know, probably you're the same too, I'm crazy over spicy food. Always better than Jap food! HA!

J.H said...

hi everyone,
credit to charlene..!!!!!

sure :-) I'd love to.