Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Redecoration, the way I like it

Update : you can get the exact item from ebay worldwide, shipping cost is quite cheap as the material is thin and light.

It's been 3 years since I moved to my apartement in Midlands. I remember those days when I try to save money to buy my ever-so-dream-about sofa, or italian bed, or perfect shabby chic dining table set. Now, I am kind of bored with some layout and think of redecorating.

I didn't plan on something big (like throwing out my wardrobe outside the window), as I still love most of my french sytle furniture. But my home definetely need a little retouch-up.
So I remove some of my old-rusty photo frame and buy a roccoco style white painted frame. And I was planning to put on new stuff on the wall, and I see this...
Wow, isn't it nice?
And how about this?
These are basically decal. It works just like stickers, except they are much more suitable for wall decoration purpose. I found all of these on ebay which cost not more than 10-15 USD a set. But it guarantees making a great effect on your rooms. (For whatever reason all the seller of this decals seem to lived in South Korea!!).
And it certainly exposing a lot of room of your creativity. Check this out.

So there you go, a redecoration the way I like it - cheap and easy. Gosh, I better bid on those items!


Cath J said...

I like it!!! Very nice.. wish they have it here... T_T

J.H said...

you can by this off ebay. Most of mural/decal seller is in south korea anyway :-)

Merryn said...

can get something similar to that from IKEA.. :D nice!

J.H said...

merryn is right! that's true that you can get similar things in IKEA (even though only 2 design available in UK)

Anonymous said...

lovely to dream!

Char said...

cute decals!

betchai said...

wow, those are very nice design, will surely put a different touch to the room. i have never thought of that before, but maybe, i will try experimenting too.

hiPPo said...

i like the decals! they are very beautiful!

Ellena said...

Wow Gosh!!!! This sure look great! I love the last design... so innovative.

little prince's mummy said...

Nice decoration!!!!!!!

MaryAnn Ashley said...

those are great... I checked them out on ebay
there's a children's book called, "Remember the Day the Babies Crawled Away" that has wonderful sillhouetted illustrations

I really enjoyed all of your vacation pics!