Saturday, 4 July 2009

Too hot, what to do?

Athens is hot, there is no doubt about it. If you have climb the Acropolis, look at Plaka market, then the next day you wanted to do is to do something that is slightly less tiresome and "indoor".
Sitting on the cafe or restaurant are not one of our option as our son can only last up to 1 hour and he'll want to explore.
So we decide to go to "Greek children museum". The Children's museum is located in a restored neoclassical building in historic Plaka and is dedicated to children up to 12 years of age. Hands-on interactive exhibits which allow kids to play, research, think, experiment, create and observe. It is suggested to arrive after 12:30p when local school groups will be leaving. And the best is.... the admission is free.
But bear in mind that "everything" is written in GREEK, so don't expect to be able to see something read-able except numbers.
The museum cut into smaller room with "theme". Here is the attic. You can explore old books, telephone, antique sewing machine, and loads more.
Josiah having loads of fun exploring the attic.
Or do you fancy something nice to eat?
Here are the pots and pans with their bits and bops. And there is the apron, help yourself!
And if you are tired of cooking, you can try to made a fancy craft out of unused stuff around the house. On the picture below, my son playing with press-wood that cut into different shapes.
Look at this pretty butterfly made of magazine paper and decorated with colourful plastic button.
But I think the best room is this "light and shadow" room whereby children are encouraged to explore the scientific side of rays and how shadow is made. Even my husband was having fun. He is holding a torch and look what he'd done.
Now, that's look more like egyptian relic than greek gods.


Cath J said...

Nice shots!! :-D

Kamana said...

looks like a delightful way to spend a too hot day.

AG said...

mesin jaitnya kaya mesin jait di rumah gw waktu gw kecil, hahahaha :p