Thursday, 16 July 2009

The Ultimate Experience

Okay, I know I am late (I promise to do this post yesterday, but I overslept, sorry...). As I've mentioned before, village of Oia, Santorini is rated to have one of the best sunset in the world (apparently someone told me it's the 3rd best, not sure what is the 1st and the 2nd).
After coming a long way from the cloudy old England, obviously I can't miss this opportunity. Now I invite you to sit and relax, grab a glass of cold ice lemon tea and enjoy this experience with me.
We walk to one of the best spot to view Oia sunset (again thanks to Flickr to point me to this place) At around 7 p.m, people are already gathering and reserving seat. This is really out of my expectation.
When I say loads of people. I mean....

LOADS of people.

They bring all sort of kind of camera from a tiny winey pocket compact.

A semi-pro DSLR.

To one that resemble telescope than a camera!

It took me about 4 hour to took all this (start from 7p.m to complete darkness at 11p.m). Actually the sun normally set on the horizon at about 8.30 pm in summer time, that's mean I was waiting 1.5 hour!!

And you can be literally squished by the crowd if you are not careful. And be sure that you are "tall enough" or else you see nothing but this.


But is it all worthed?

Well, let us see what people said the 3rd world best sunset!


The beauty about sunset in Oia is clear spotless sky. I must admit that I hardly see the sky this clear anywhere else including Bali, our hometown.


Someone even try to record this instead of taking picture.

Oia is also the most famous point for viewing the sunset simply because it last longer than any other place in the island (fira, imerovigli... you name it).
Finally... the sun is gone.


The crowd started to disperse and the arena were filled with pro-photographer with huge camera and giraffe tall tripod. It's just getting better...
More lights were lit up.

The sky get more intense colour.

The nearby Ammoudi bay, lit up.

Take a closer look...

And the day is over...thank you for joining me watching 3rd best sunset in the world, hope you like it as much as I do.

(Click on the individual image to enlarge)


Liss said...

Amazing colours in the sky from the oranges to the purples. The photos tell me it was well worth hanging around in the crowd to experience this sun set.

Anonymous said...

wow so many people with so many cameras!

Teresa said...

The colors in these photos are gorgeous!!

Stardust said...

Honey, I hate crowds, I hate my heavy camera, hate waiting, hate people who rub sweaty arms against me... but yes I'll put up with all the mentioned just to catch a glimpse of this for once in my lifetime!!

How can I thank you enough for sharing this? HUGS...

Enjoy yourselves at the Lavenders'. Your shots will do better, silly. ;P

ky said...

WOW! It's absolutely divine!
Will bear this place in mind when I visit Greece next time :) .

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

The sunset shots are soooo gorgeous!!

I say that you should just skip Shenandoah NP and just come to NC ;)

Anonymous said...

So many people waiting for the sunset! I must say it was worth it. What lens did you use for the sunset? You shot with a tripod?

Have a great weekend!

LittleKiwisPhotography said...

Jessica, your photography is amazing. These are just beautiful!

I took some nature shots while I was on vacation, but sadly they do not compare to the beauty of this greecian sunset. Thank you for sharing all the beauty of your world, that for me is so far away.

And I love how you always capture and describe your surroundings and environments. It makes me feel as if I am there with you.

MK mummy said...

I think both places have very beautiful awesome sunsets. They are different views.

I think we will go there next year.

J.H said...

@Liss : Yes, I love it so much... I hope I'll be back there one day.

@Kamana : hahaha... tell me about it!

@Teresa : Indeed, God is a great artist!

@Stardust : yes, we were back from the Lavender fields yesterday. I still think you'll do better picture though.

@KY : you certainly have to :-)

J.H said...

@Wayfaring : hey I loveeee you latest shenandoah picture!!! I wanted to go there, defintely!

@Mei Teng : I use my 18-55mm lens. And my cheapskate tiny winey tripod that I've blog earlier :-)

@LittleKiwi : Keri, I alwasy envious with the picture you took, trust me. These picture will looks hundred times better when you took it.

@MK Mummy : I really hope you'll go there one day, and share with us the picture again :-)

Anonymous said...

Your lens and tripod served you well. You're a great photographer.

J.H said...

@Mei Teng :
Thank you for your kind words. But the truth is there is no photographic skill involved rather than pure patience. These picture are taken with approx 5 - 10 sec exposure to capture the colour :-)

Ayie said...

hmmm, i wonder what happened to my comment here? i remenber leaving my last comment here on my last visit. anyways...i simply said the shots are great most esp the sunset