Wednesday, 22 July 2009

I choose

I hadn't been quite a busy day at work, hence I did a little blog stalking. I read from a friend blog whom months ago broke up with her boy friend. She said, she'd found someone new. She wrote that she quite surprised at herself that she would fall on a guy like him.

He wasn't her type at all. She had outlined her worry because this man came from a different culture, had a different vision of life, and of the same stubborness characther.

Many people believe that love unifies many differences. I believe that is both right and wrong to the statement. Falling in love is the easy part, you're just following the law of gravity. What happens after the initial attraction fades and you realise the extent of your differences?

I am glad I had made a decision to stay with him no matter what.
Happy anniversary sweetheart. - 16 July 2009

p.s: Don't get confuse, I celebrate 2x wedding anniversary due the difference in wedding day and registry of marriage!


Other update...

Now you see almost all of my latest travel picture. It's time for me to get a little inspiration of where to go next.
I've always been dreaming about visiting New Zealand again for the second time. Alas the distance between UK and New Zealand really put me off to proceed anywhere with the plan.
Now, I tell you a secret about my travel plan. Most of my travel were planned after browsing Flickr! photostream. Loads of excellent traveller and likewise photographer share their experience (plus the tips : what time of the day, what season, what date) even sometime geotag the exact location!

So here is my inspiration for next year.

Invisible Sun
Romsdalsfjorden #2 (landskap Norge)
This place had a close resemblace with Lake Tekapo New Zealand, but a lot closer to UK.

Norway also have loads of mountain ridge with snow cap, hillside farm, and fyord...

I have my Norway back

exactly like New Zealand. Isn't that remind you of Milford sound? Well, that is actually a lot better than fyord in New Zealand.

Fra / From Bud (Photomatix version)
The picture above remind me of Akaroa, New Zealand.
Farmland #4 (landscape Norway)

And if you feel a little bored with just panorama, you can try some adrenaline adventure like this.

Are you afraid of heights? Come to Preikestolen, Norway!
Excuse me Sir, is toddler allowed around here?

Okay, but... Norway (I mean all the Scandinavian country) are generally very expensive to visit. Even for someone who used to spend in Sterling Pound! So, is there any other likewise place to visit? Well, I wanted to see something different this time, so I dug up my USA lonely planet book and do my research on....

Shenandoah National Park.
Autumn Sunset - Little Stony Man Cliffs – Shenandoah National Park
Which many people said are the best to visit in autumn. I can see the reason why.
"Fall" Water - Shenandoah National Park
Tree-Lined Road
And not forgetting Luray Cavern. I accidentally saw that wayfaring wanderer, one of my virtual friend just went there and came back with loads of jaw dropping picture. You can view her entry here.
Wishing Well - Luray Caverns

Right, I guess now time to slave away and earn those ££ to pay for the holiday.

PHOTO CREDIT TO : Krogen, DwoodB, Johannes Heine and RUKnight.


Cath J said...

That's a great plan!.. My family is planning for New zealand for Chinese new year nxt year.. I hope it will happens.. finger cross... T_T

Merryn said...

I got goosebumps looking at the picture of 'Excuse me Sir, is toddler allowed?' How can they sit so near the edge? Ish...

Char said...

gorgeous inspirations

Roger said...

You must take me to New Zealand with you all. I've always wanted to go there! You can't go without me!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary!

I have been to NZ before and loved it. Won't mind visiting again but it's more expensive now compared to the time I visited.

J.H said...

@Cath : don't forget to share the pictures :-)

@Merryn : I won't do that... trust me. Hehehe...

@Char : indeed, make me want to pack and leave.

@Pst Roger : Tell me when you have a plan to go, I wanted to go there again as well. But probably Norway is more viasible?

@Mei Teng : oh really? has NZD $$ went up that quick? I have not check that yet.

Anonymous said...

oh i am dreaming of going back to nz too! i was to go trekking around milford sounds and skiing in queenstown.

MK mummy said...

Just been to South Island of NZ last Nov. Stunning scenery and great food. Next time, we would target North Island.

I have always wanted to visit Scandanavia countries, but put off by the high standard of living.

Stardust said...

Scandanavia is darn ex manz!!

My family celebrates anniversary twice too. One for the wedding in SG, another for the wedding in JP. =P

I'm surely looking forward to your next holiday. Ha! =D

juskawaime said...

Beautiful new Zealand.. yah save $$ first =)

Ayie said...

belated happy anniversary!!!