Friday, 21 August 2009

Bristol Fiesta : The Fun Fayre

Crystal skies and record breaking crowds at the Harvey Nichols Bristol International Balloon Fiesta made this year's Fiesta one of the most successful yet. But what is a fiesta without a fun fair?
That's right, it will not be as fun!
Below, my son stand in awe watching the roundabout.
"Mommey, ride that!" He said. So hop we went, both of us.
I am sorry I only have very few pictures, I was too busy to have fun! (Ups, the drawback of bulky SLR).

The acres of fair ground.

And then after the fun rides, we stop to eat some chips and noddle. Suddenly my son sream out of excitement.

Yes that's right, there is loads of huge bubble. If you notice the pictures above, I actually bought the "bubble sword" (it looks like a sword, then you press a button it will open a clasp and made your sword looks like a triangle instead) which creates... huge bubbles...!
How much fun a £2.5 toy can be?
According to my son... that is...

very much fun!

This guy created a nested bubbles by blowing air to his huge bubbles. Isn't that facinating?


Next entry, more balloons! And... look at the air stunts! (Picture courtesy Bristol Fiesta gallery).


Cath J said...

Soo nice!!

Stardust said...

I want the bubble sword!! Look at all his smiles!

Oh dear, your last pict makes me miss SG's air show so much. I'm crazy over fighter planes.

Liss said...

What a great day. You boy looks so happy, his smile makes me smile straight back.

Char said...

that looks like so much fun!

Mei Teng said...

Love the pretty merry go round and hot air balloons. Did you for a ride in the hot air balloons? I had my first ride in Turkey. It was a marvellous experience.

Love the air show too.

Merryn said...

OMG... I so love this post! The balloons! I attended the International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Malaysia but it certainly is NOT like this!!!!

Your son... oh boy.. that second pics of him! His pose! hahahahahaha.. so country style!!! so cute.. hahahahhaha.. my hubs laughs at that.. he said so cute..

betchai said...

isn't it a joy to see your son enjoying the time of his life? i love all your pictures, so full of warmth and life.

Natasha de Bell said...

Josiah sama kaya Hiro tuh suka naik komidi putar dan tiup balon. Biasanya papanya yg ikut temanin anak-anak naik kuda, gw yg shoot video.

J.H said...

sorry girls, has been slacking off a little bit now. I'll be back soon!

Ayie said...

i can tell how much fun it is by looking at your son! precious moments indeed =)

J.H said...

@Ayie : yes, smile can means thousand words!