Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Bristol Fiesta : Let's put on the show!

I must admit I am slacking of again. Last weekend we had a fantastic church BBQ and before heading there we did a short "pick your own" raspberries. Picture to follow.
Meanwhile, here is the picture for the Bristol fiesta.
We arrive for the balloon flights at 6.30 pm. The sky was clear and there is hardly any wind.

A good sign for ballonist.

People are gathering nearby the main arena, trying to book the best place to sit and watch the balloons take their flight.
And this is our tent! 1 hour preparation for hundreds of balloon to fly sounded like centuries when you are stuck doing nothing with your kid. So, we eat some noddles and play some wooden train.
Finally after the loooong wait, the first balloon took off, followed by claps and cheers from the crowd.
And then I saw this "houses-printed" balloon!
Just in about 15 minutes, the sky is flooded with colourful balloon. What a sight! It's almost like a dream.
And check out this fancy shaped baloon too!
When I was watching all the balloon prepared to take of. I caught a glimpse of this little girl sitting on her dad's shoulder and watching patiently of the preparation taken place.
Unfortunately they did not fly these fancy shaped balloon, I guess they are not meant to be flown (probably because of the shape). But anyway, it's good enough to see them blown and floating in the main arena.

Tomorrow, I'll share more of the night pictures. Overall, it has been another very successful day!


Cath J said...

Wowww.... cool!!!!

Psst: YOu look like lost some weight there... ^_^.... great... ^_^

Merryn said...

I'm so loving this. It has been my husband dream to go on a hot air balloon ride. Till today, we have yet to realise that dream.. One day.. one day we shall make it..

Mei Teng said...

wow...beautiful balloons all up in the air! makes one feel like a child again :)

I wish I can go for another hot air balloon ride again..after my first experience in Turkey.

Stardust said...

The picture with many balloons blew me away! WHEEEE...

Think my favourite is the one with printed houses. ;)

Ayie said...

i like the dog and dragon balloons! so so colorful balloons,wish I was there too =(

pretty shot of the little girl =)

J.H said...

@Cath : how I wish you are right :D

@Merryn : I am sure you will, especially when your little fella gown up to 4-5 years old, he is going to love it!

@Mei Teng : I always wanted to visit Turkey, lucky you, visited Turkey plus riding a balloon.

@Stardust : actually there is a balloon with woman in lingerie printed on it (I think is Triumph balloon) and that balloon receive more cheer than anything else when it finally left the ground!

@Ayie : 12-15 Aug 2010, want to come together? :D

Ayie said...

12-15? wow and it's on my bday too! hmmm we'll see, I hope we can =P tnx

KY said...

Wow! Love all the colourful balloons! My favorite is the one with the house! :)

Icy BC said...

Beautiful photos of balloons..I love the vivid colors!