Sunday, 16 August 2009

A city called BATH

As promised, I finally editted all my picture from historic town of Bath and Bradford-upon-Avon. The heat has hitted England again (thank God!) with loads of sunny spells and scattered cloud. Now, I invite everyone to sit back and enjoy a little treat from England once again.
To those of you that have been here before, I am sure this will bring back memories.
I was amaze with loads of this beautiful old architecture was actually residential home (for some very rich people of course). While in Oxford/Cambridge, most of this kind of immaculate, well-taken care of Grade II listed building are normally owned by college or council, in Bath most of them are privately owned.
And this is what I am talking about, the circus and royal cresent are residential area worth million of pound each!
If you peek through the window you can see a room tastefully decorated with expensive furnishing.
But do you know what can you see just about wiltshire countryside? In contrast with the Bath old town whereby you can find all the old victorian and roman building in their past glory, just a mile outside Bath you can witness a spread of green pastures full of flowers.
So which one do you prefer, stay in a quiet cottage countryside or in an elegant victorian mansion?


Edna said...

Looking at your photos makes me miss UK.. BAth is one of my favourite cities..

Natasha de Bell said...

bagus bangettt

AG said...

Quiet cottage countryside :D hehehe
si josie d makin tinggi ya je? uh.. pingin ketemuuu...

Anonymous said...

love bath! cottage or mansion - depends on the occassion and the company!

Tracy said...

Not sure how I came to be here, but so glad I found your lovely blog! :o) And especially this particular post... Bath is one of my most favorite places, and I love the UK--I miss it so much. I am an American living in Norway--so not far from the UK :o)

J.H said...

@Edna : wow, you are the second person who told me that after Stardust!

@Natasha : eh, tunggu yang night shots gw update

@AG : udah ketebak ma gw kalo elo mah!!!

@Kamana : wow, you need to have 2 house then :-)

@Tracy : hey, I wanted to goto Norway next year, you probably could give me a hint of nice places to visit?

Ayie said...

i'll go for both! architecturally speaking, of course I'm in love with all the structures and details you featured here. That I can't resist but for a lowkey quiet vacay, I'm off to the fields and country houses.

beautiful photos jh!

Stardust said...

Ello honey, hullo Bath! Everything's familiar, and I'm recalling the inner compound. Cottage or mansion? Hmm... BOTH! HAHAHAH!

J.H said...

@Ayie & Stardust : If I have the money probably I will decide the same!

Liss said...

Hey I've been to bath but most of my traveling was done before I was into photography :(
so thank you for sharing some beatuiful photo and sparking my memory about the fun time I had traveling OS

Cath J said...


J.H said...

@Liss : probably you should visit it once again? :D

@Cath : I think the city look nicer at night, I'll upload the picture soon!

Teresa said...

Love the photo of the double staircase. You are so blessed to be able to visit so many different places in the world.