Thursday, 27 August 2009

The Gospel Meeting

We are on our journey to Wales to meet Abbie/Joe Nicholson and Steve/Marcia McLean.
This will be a 8 month reunion since we the last time we met them for Christmas.
All the little children (Josiah, Daniel, and Maggie) are excited to be able to play again together, last year they have a great time sharing food and toys, even cooperate to put on a play!
(Yes, you can click here when they dress up for the nativity scene).

Meanwhile, new events coming up in our local church.


Everyone invited!

Unfortunately I can't provide the air ticket to reach Corby!


Natasha de Bell said...

elo yg bikin undangannya? keren ya

J.H said...

wah tengkiu banget nat, ini suami gw koks yang bikin :D