Monday, 17 August 2009


It was my first time on that blog, and I was already striken by the title of the entry that day which turn up to be a song written by the blog writer.

Yes, today is a very special day for my nation. It's Indonesia's independence day since freed from colonialisation in 1945.

Me and my husband was practically living abroad for more than 10 years, but still nothing can steal our heart from our beloved home country. Yes, you can't never reason it. Jakarta is far dirtier than any town in UK. Indonesia is always well known for high level of the corruption and bribery, low education quality, hypocritical leaders (well, many of them), unbelieveably long and complicated bureaucracy, but yet I am still quite proud of my homeland.

I missed watching "lawakan" (indonesian comedy show) which even the funniest top gear joke would never make me laugh as much. I missed all the dirty-but-ever-so-delicious-food sold by the mobile stall along the major road in Jakarta. I missed roaming about the mall in Jakarta spending apparently close to nothing (okay, I only bought macDonald 50p ice cream and sit there for hours).

If a person like me, could love my country this much.... what about the Lord who gave my country an Independence? How does He feel seeing the people He loved fallen to hell?

Happy Birthday Indonesia, hopefully one day... the day will come when you'll open the door to the gospel freely! Merdeka!


Ayie said...

I miss my homeland too =(

It's hard to live in a foreign land but as long as I'm with hubs then I'll be fine and settled wherever we may be. Anyways this is where he was born so he's no stranger here too.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Indonesia! :)

Anonymous said...

its funny the bond you have with your birth nation - i hate the corruption here but i cannot think of anywhere i would rather be buried than here.

J.H said...

@Ayie & Kamana : that's true... no place like your own home country. Love is something very hard to reason :-)

@Mei Teng : thanks :-)