Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The new addition!

I would like to thank God for every blessing He bestow upon us.
And that's include the financial blessing.
I strongly believe that we receive the fruit of putting God's first in our tithe(the bible said that is 10% of your income!) and offering. When my husband's scholarship ended on his 3rd year (he still have 4th year to go) God's work out part time job for him and even FEW other scholarship. When credit crunch comes He still gave me a position with good salary increase.
It's amazing to see how God's work out something for people who loved Him.
Something outside my plan A, B or C.
Something that I had never thought of.
Something I don't deserve.
Praise the Lord for He is good!


Our little peugeot finally hit its 130,000 miles. Needless to say it's has been quite an interesting four year journey with our 11 year old little car. It certainly has lived beyond our expectation. It's hardly broke down, and for its age I am quite surprise no major mending need to be done so far apart from brake pad and exhaust.
Then due to the scrappage scheme (the government will pay £2000 for your old car in exchange to a new one) we decide to give it a rest it deserve.

Remarkably, last weekend finally we bought our first new car! It's feel very strange. Both me and my husband had been praying on which car we should choose. I need a car that is economical to run, does not need loads of maintenance, have a good review, and cost just right.

At first we are down to Honda Insight, Mini Cooper, Toyota Aygo, Yaris and Prius. We rule out Prius and Insight (hybrid car) as it cost too much and doing almost the same mpg as many other non hybrid diesel car. And I don't like to worry that of the possibility of the battery died before the car reach its end of life (FYI : replacement battery cost £3000 here and Toyota and Honda only guarantee the first 100,000 miles). So we left with Mini, Aygo and Yaris.
Unfortunately the Mini dealers told me they have no car for me to try at the moment (I was like "huh???") so we head to Toyota dealer on weekend.
I am quite convince that Aygo booth won't fit even big pushchair on it, so we are left with Yaris.

We test drive it, and fell in love with it. We are not a very car savy person, but I believe God knows what's the best. There is only ONE type yaris of engine, and ONE colour that qualified us for scrappage scheme which will end on the 30th Sept. So there you go, God had decided the car He want to loan us. On the top of that, we get an extra £500 discount as we came during Toyota promotional week. The interesting bit came when the sales person examine our old peugeot and price it at £120! I guess the £2000 scrappage scheme will be well utilised.

In few weeks to come, I'll say goodbye to expensive insurance and road tax, and welcoming a greener... cheaper to run.... Yaris :D


Cath J said...

I think Yaris is 'Sexy'.. ^_^

Mei Teng said...

I love the Yaris. But it's very expensive over here.

Merryn said...

Congrats congrats on your soon to get Yaris... :)

Ayie said...

I like yaris too, that will be a good addition but I prefer suv and big cars like trucks =P

God truly is wonderful, he never fails to guide and bless us =)

Stardust said...

Praise the Lord for His providence and hurray for all good news! Hello Yaris! New car is good, I love mine to pieces too ;)

J.H said...

thanks everyone!!!