Wednesday, 5 August 2009

New gadgets

I normally never be interested in gadgets, but this time it was different.

Kenny sia just introduce a HDD Media Prayer 3!

Plug and Pray (that it works).

Probably this is a hard-drive for cheap-skate baptist.
I might recommend one to my husband and pastor.


Roger said...

Cheap skate baptist. Guilty!

betchai said...

hmm, have never seen this before, thanks for sharing, will try to look and learn more about this, seems interesting. and HDD media prayer, and i thought at first, it was wrong spelling :(

Natasha de Bell said...

dijual dalam yen ya?

J.H said...

@Pastor : hahhaa... so are you interested to get one? ^_^

@betchai : Japanese does not have 'l' sound in their alphabet, however their 'r' is read like an 'l'. Therefore many people confused between r and l, and that's what happen here.

@natasha : well, this picture is taken by Kenny Sia (a malaysian blogger) when he was in Tokyou, so no wonder it is in yen :-)

Ayie said...

this is new to me too and like betcahi i thought it was wrong spelling

J.H said...

@Ayie : it is a wrong spelling, but... I guess the japanese never get it corrected.

Ayie said...

ah from japan? now i understand! they don't have L..the japanese L is R that's why