Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Play dirty

When I was a kid, I remember how me and my sister made hot cake from mud and bake them under the sun, I walk down mucky paddy fields catching small fishes and mosquito larve with my mom's pantyhose stuck unto a wire, I dug up dirt to find worm to feed my birds. Dropping my snack on the ground is a small issue for me, I always eat them anyway. We had this saying around our home "not 5 minute yet (belum lima menit)" and therefore it is okay to eat them if it only been on the ground for less than 5 minutes.

This is very contrary to the fact that my parents (oh yes, both of them) are physician. Everyone who in 21st century who knows how to read a blog probably knows that good hygiene is important, BUT there is a limit to it : like you know that certain amount of dust in your room probably tolerable. In fact, being expose to something dirty at certain level can improve your immune system!

I believe my parents know each and every risk of letting us playing dirty, however they took the risk to give us a chance to have fun, which I am very grateful about.
Many other kids only knows to play nintendo and playstation, and I feel very sorry for them. While I, as a young child has learned that fireflies normally came out after harvesting season, how cricket make a sound, goldfish love to eat mosquito larve, and ants have a big house on the ground. So obviously, now, I am as a parent myself, try to encourage my son to spend less time infront of the laptop (or tv, thank goodness I don't have one!) and explore other interesting thing around him or socialise outdoor with other kids (socialise : means running and chasing each other, play hide and seek, or take turn pushing the swing).

So what does my son do? My son love exploring nature and see bugs and creepy crawlies. Not to mention that he ever ate a spider or lick a snail, but for his curiosity sake I would not mind, it won't kill him anyway.
I am very well pleased that his childminder let the children under her care to explore things around them. They catch slug, play on the sand pit, roll on the grass and jump in muddy puddle.
Oh yes, they also learn where the plant came from. Each of them planted a sunflower seed on the beginning of summer, and there you go!
And here is Josiah and Ryan as a builder, dig up the mud on the backyard (Ryan insist that Josiah looks good with his builder helmet). They can play this for hours! Thanks to Ms. Julie to take up their picture when they are not watching.
Now that's my boy!

Photo credit to my son's childminder!


AG said...

totally agree with you!
that's what fun is all about *grin*

Isabel said...

Thank you for your lovely comment. Your kid is simply adorable. I still remember how my son loved to play with all of his trucks in the sand. Now he rather drive his ATV on dirt mountain trails. They grow up so fast :)

Julie said...

I love this xx

Liss said...

This is good. My son one dropped a bread roll on the ground at the shopping centre. A teenager passing by was horrified when I pick it up hand handed it back to my son. It was on the ground for only a second or 2.

My kids also love being outside and I try to balance computer games along with outdoor activities.

PS: I love the sun flowers that's a cool idea. My pinch this one for next summer and plant them with my kids.

Kamana said...

love how children can get so absorbed in play and in their own imaginary world.

Stardust said...

Ok your boy is lucky to have mates to play dirty with. =P So cute...

We're about to have a same header! =P But yours is forever better of course! =D

Cath J said...

I am not sure if I will let my boy play with black soil.. ^_^... but I will let him play with beach sand.. after all its not harm to let them play and learn with that.. ^_^

J.H said...

@AG : I will check on your kid soon.

@Isabel : that's true, I am trying to "capture" every moment in time here :-)

@Julie : hey, welcome! thanks for dropping by (and thanks for taking the picture too!)

@Liss : you have two kids, you are more experience than me, I take your word for that :D

@Kamana : that's why they grow up to be men, too focus and unable to multitask.

@Stardust : I am not so sure about that babe, I just check you blog and I think yours waaaaaaay better than mine!

@Cath : I don't know how dirt in Malaysia, but where I came from (some village in Indonesia) the dirt just used for agriculture purpose, probably that's why my mom let me play with it.

Ayie said...

we were so the same as a kid, i had lots of fun growing up and i want my kids to be like that too...in the future =)