Thursday, 6 August 2009

Situation Update

My work has been picking up again lately at work following the good sign of UK economic recovery (Praise the Lord!). A lot has been happening lately, but I don't know whether anyone will be interested to know.
Our friend, Jacob and Grace has been staying with us for a month now, we really enjoyed having them at home. We'd been praying for the Lord's will to be done in their life regarding the decision to move here to England. This friday will be our last day with them.
On the other hand, the Kruppas, our American church friend, decided they'll return back to States by end of August. It's always hard to see some of your good friends leaving, but I am rest assure someday there will be no more tears and goodbyes.


On the other hand, we are going to see Bristol Balloon Fiesta this weekend. The weather forecast said it going to be SUNNY! That's rare, and especially for a year long awaited event this called a double blessing!
We'll choose a simple and small Bed and Breakfast to stay in Bath, and hopefully we will be able to catch a glimpse of this beutiful historic town as well.
(Stay tune for the pictures next week!)

And I finally had time to edit my pictures from Crete!!! I know it's been ages, but I have no mood of seeing sea and sunshine picture when the weather outside gloomy and sad. Anyway, since this weekend it's going to be sunny, I editted some outdoor swimming picture in Axos hotel, Rethymnon, Crete.


We just bought that crab float ring for 5 Euro in convenient store. Aaahhh... things are so cheap in Greece compared to UK. Wondering whether I should spend my retirement here.


And if you are just wondering about my blog banner. Stay tuned, I'll be sharing more :-)


If you have time to read more, here you go a good read from "Karen Cheng". I absolutely love this entry. These are some snippets of it.

I sterilised my bottles. I wiped toys before I gave them to my child. Swaddled
him before putting him to sleep. Sang songs to him. And I waited 6 months (to
the day) before I fed my baby solids – of course, following the recommended
schedule of introductory foods.

Bringing up a child was like running a small
business. I was constantly thinking, thinking, thinking, planning, planning,
planning and organising EVERYTHING.

I knew a lot of women like me, so I guess
I thought it was all quite normal. And don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved
it! Having all that knowledge really empowered me as a mother.

So during
those early days, I met a mother who just had her third child. We became friends
and as I got to know her, I realised that she was an incredible mother, yet she
was doing everything differently!

In particular, she seemed to disregarded
all “the recommended blah”.

This made me remembered that during early term and later on my son pregancy I borrowed and read a loathesome of books. I ask advice from friends and relatives, do my research on the internet, but when it comes to executing them it was completely a different thing!
Soon enough I discover that those are only "suggestion" there is no right or wrong to raise up a child.
Some parents are worried when their kids will sleep all through the night, are sweets and ice cream bad for them, when are they suppose to be toilet trained, how about organic food, do I have to mash everything my babies eat?... etc...etc.
I am glad that before I know it, I take up parenting as something enjoyable.
I let my son sleep on my bed whenever he liked, I enjoyed cuddling him till he fell asleep. He does not have a fix schedule, he eat his lunch whenever dinner is ready, normally at 1 sometimes 2 or 3. He eat on the table or sometimes in his room. Sometimes he took a 45 minutes nap, sometimes 2-3 hour. Sometimes I bathe him once a day, sometimes once every 2-3 days, whenever I had time and he feels like it. His schedule was so flexible that he experience no jet lag after 11-13 hour of flight, and easy to drag along when we are travelling overseas.
I cut his nails and hair whenever I have time. When he was a little baby, I only sterilised his bottle when I have time, good thing that now my son are tummy are as good as dust bin, he try to taste chilli, soap, dirt, catepillar, ant and spider and nothing happen to him. He starts on solid at 4 month age, however eating ice cream from 3 months old! (I thought ice cream was liquid).
Thank God I don't have to wait for the 3rd baby to discover that parenting can be fun!


Keri Ann said...

Parenting is the BEST job ever! this was a cute entry, I loved it. oh how true it is,, when we stop worrying and start enjoying life is so much sweeter!

Liss said...

I say wing the whole parenting thing. It better done your own way than according to a book. I have a very funny newspaper article I have kept about a woman that fed her son strawberry ice cream for breakfast because the packaging said it had real fruit in it.

The floating crab is cute I hope yo brought him home with you.

Stardust said...

Honey, missed your entries these days when I wasn't able to log on. Thank you for these fine read. I think I must have much to ask you about parenting in future. =P Have a great time at Bath, I've been there, absolutely fascinating. =D YOu'll love it.

betchai said...

glad to know you are enjoying a good weather now that inspired you to post some of the photos from before. glad you enjoy parenting, it give a priceless joy though am not a parent but i got the chance to take care of my nieces and nephew when they were younger.

F A I T H said...

I really, really, absolutely love that entry from Karen Cheng. Thanks for sharing. :)

Ayie said...

i want to take a refreshing dip in the pool too!

J.H said...

@Keri : Agree!

@Liss : hey, I probably one of them.

@Stardust : I've uploaded those picture :-) Bath is truly an amazing place.

@Betchai : don't worry just enjoy being single/couple at the moment, because parenthood is not something that reversible!

@Faith : yes, me too!

@Ayie : let's go then :-)