Monday, 31 August 2009

Why one's Wife now chooses to shop ALONE

Recently, my husband's friend in Oxford sending him piece of cut out local newpaper article. This is an absolute interesting phenomenon to observe in Oxford, which probably have something to do with the general intellectual level of majority population.
Knowing my husband, the guy who send him this snippet (who is also a PhD), and few other attached or likewise married man in Oxford Univerisity Physics department, I would not be surprise that this incident actually happens!

So, do you like to shop ALONE?


Liss said...

This just gives men bad ideas!!

I think men and women are happier if generally we leave the men at home when we shop.

betchai said...

i don't really like shopping, but i know i have to for the necessities, and yes, when i have to, i prefer alone :)

Stardust said...

Hey, I prefer shopping alone for I've never liked making people wait. ;)

J.H said...

hahaha, ladies... so in conclusion, this does not just happen inOxford, but rather everywhere around the globe?

Anonymous said...

I love shopping alone when I need to do serious shopping and when I don't have time to wander around slowpicking stuff. I dislike long hours of shopping and waiting on people.

Ayie said...

that's funny! i love shopping alone to have my own time and spce but there are times when I want hubby to be with me too.