Sunday, 27 September 2009

Beach Time

I've been abandoning this blog for a little while and have not putting any "real" entry for ages. Okay, now that I've done my wales picture editting, I'll share with you some of our "beach time" fun in UK.
It's been said again and again all over in this blog, that in UK sunshine or warm days are rare commodity. So, if you plan to jog, kick some ball, stroll in the park, or having barbeque, you should just.... do it no matter it's rain or shine. Yes, after awhile, you'll get use to doing things regardless of the weather.
That's what I say about going to the beach in UK.
Not only it's not covered with golden fine sand.
And it's pebbly and lack of good strong waves.
But it's also very windy and cold. The water feel like come out from the fridge even though we are visiting the beach in the middle of summer!

At first it's look like the only activity you can do here is throwing pebbles to kill some divers (if any).

Or digging sand.
Yes, digging sand seems to be more popular among the kids.

During the low tide, the beach expand a lot. You can see these brave crowds (including my husband and my boy) decided to walk into the shallow cold water and have some fun.

And after that, the Abbie and her children were sharing ice cream! A perfect way to get cold :-)

While my son was busy writting a calligraphy. I am sorry, I mean "pretend" writting a calligraphy (which was done by Abbie).

At the end of the day, we had a great time.... regardless of the weather.


Cath J said...

Oww... thats cute... the one your son jumping on the WALES (on the sand)... Handwriting soo beautiful.... ^_^

HOPE said...

Your son is absolutely PRECIOUS!!!

Great photos to capture the day...regardless of the weather!

As my daughter does photography also (well both of them) you as they do capture the "moments" perfectly and you feel right there too!

God bless your sweet family!

Stardust said...

It sure sounds very cold there. Brrr...

What fine art is Abbie's handwritting. Beautiful!

Thanks for the breath of salted air today.=)

Tes said...

These are really good photos, it really communicated your beautiful day despite the chilly weather.

I love low tides too, when the shore expands and you can walk and explore the exposed sea floor... and save tiny little fishes trapped in the sand holes (teehee)

Your son is a cutie and Abbie did a good job with the calligraphy!

Ayie said...

same here the beaches are cold so can't enjoy it like how i do back home but the time spent together there is what i treasure most =) may the weather be cold, hot, drizzly or dry

Aubrey said...

wow sounded like you were describing the weather we used to have in Washington! Love your photography!:)

Natasha de Bell said...

ya ampun, pantainya dingin di musim panas, ga bs buat berenang ya...
disini pertengahan september pun msh ada yg berenang.
josiah lucu banget, suka liat dia lompat!

J.H said...

seems like everyone notice how my son jump on the WALES sand.
It wasn't actually planned that way, he decide to jump when I say "cheese"!!!

Liss said...

love the calligraphy, Abbie is very talented.

Even if it was cold it still looks beautiful.