Thursday, 3 September 2009

I'll pick them my own

It's this time of the year again. The summer is ending, the weather start to get windy and chilly. But, it's not all bad when it comes to welcome the Autumn.
It's now about harvesting all sort of kinf of fruits. Strawberries, blackcurrant, and raspberries!!! So, three of us decide to drive to Rugby, where Malt Kiln farm is. (Click here for the address and direction to get there, and to check what is available to be harvested).

Here you'll be able to inhale the fresh country air.
Enjoy the sunshine.
Adore the nature.
Catch some bugs. My son was so amazed to see how many ladybird, butterflies, bees and many other bugs in the field!
And of course, the best experience is to be able to taste the fruit you harvested with your own hands.
It's kind of cheaper way to enjoy holiday too. Because it only cost £3.50/kg for Strawberries and £4.40/kg for Raspberries. There is also Rhubarb, Runner Beans, and Sunflowers for 35p/stem.
You can walk slowly, try to spot all the ripe fruits and make sure you pick the best to bring home. And then when you feel tired, you can sit on their organic cafe and enjoy a slice of warm-freshly-baked pecan plait with a cup of hot tea.
When you are charge up and ready to go again, you can wander in the sunflower field... looking at this 6 foot tall beauty queen sways on the summer wind.
And looking at them adoring the sky, thanking it's Creator for such a beautiful summer day.


Cher said...

wow! i enjoyed looking at the beautifully captured photographs! the black and white shot of your son and the ladybug is my favourite. :)

Natasha de Bell said...

Enaknya tiap musim selalu ada yg bs dinikmati ya... Summer emang panas banget tp cocok buat anak-anak. Bs banyak belajar dari alam dan binatang.

Cath J said...

Wowww.... never realize time passes by so fast... I thought I just read about winter in your blog and now... its autumn.. ^_^

Beautiful photo!!

Char said...

beautiful shots - looks like a wonderful day

Uncle Lee said...

Hello JH, I only just noticed you from Indonesia from your profile.
I have always loved people from Indonesia, one reason being their beautiful accent.

I love your well taken pics here, outstanding! The right angle, depth too, and the colours looking at a Nature magazine.

Incidentally, my last romance before settling down was with a beautiful Indonesian lady I met by accident at Penang.
I posted the story of our ahemmm, escapades two months ago, titled, "last fling, romancing a sarong', ha ha.

My wife this saturday asking me to take her to a nearby farm to pluck strawberries, blackberries, and chillies.
Guess we better enjoy the last few weeks of Summer.
You have a pleasant week, best regards, Lee.

betchai said...

you take priceless pictures of your family in the fields, all are inspiring.

Merryn said...

This is just wonderful! I like that ladybug pic... harvesting the fruits ourself are heavenly. :)

MaryAnn Ashley said...

What a lovely way to spend the day. Your son is looking more & more like a little boy, and less like a baby. Sweet

Anonymous said...

what a great opportunity to be one with nature for your little one.

Ayie said...

having a quick trip to the sides and getting fresh air is something I really love to do since city life is quite stressful. I'm just thankful our place is not so crowded and we have lots of trees within the neighborhood. I believe your son will grow up appreciating nature's beauty with him being so exposed to all these things.

happy weekend!

Salitype said...

wonderful shots, i love the balck and white photo with the colored ladybug...amazing. how did you do that?!!!

Stardust said...

I've always loved berries, but the sun is keeping me off from all the picking. =P Love that picture with your boy and ladybug, what a huge difference in size! =D

hiPPo said...

beautiful season and beautiful pple around u.. ur pics are simply breath-taking~ =)

J.H said...

@Cher & Merryn : I love that one too... too bad my nail does not look as good as many others women nail hahaha...

@Natasha : bener banget, anak loe juga penjelajah yah?

@Cath J : yes, I can't believe summer is over... ARGGGHHH

@Char & Betchai : thank you :-)

@Uncle Lee : hey, your post always give me interesting insight and a good laugh. Thank you so much!!!

J.H said...

@Maryann : I still think his cheek dominates his face, whether as a baby or a toddler.

@Kamana & Ayie : that's true. Anyway relaxing does not have to cost a bomb :-)

@Hippo : thank you!

@Stardust : hahaha... I try to stop him squashing it. He is eager to touch the ladybird, but he can't be gentle enough just yet.

@Salitype : I think that's my fave too! If you have photoshop (I use GIMP, a free version of photoshop) you can select the area you want to retain the colour using lasso tool. You can email me at if you want more detail thereof.

KY said...

How I miss picking strawberries. But how come those berries ripe in autumn? Over here the season for the berries have already ended...Perhaps it's due to the different weather?