Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Learning to CLIMB a tree

When I was a little girl, I remember I will sneakily learn how to climb. Unfortunately for me, most trees in Asia with branches normally grow big and tall. If there is any that is short, it's usually has thin branch that won't be able to hold my weight. And don't start to mention what kind of animal you can find creeping on trees in tropical countries. It can range from harmless ants, to big golden spider or even snake! (Which probably explain why most parents does not like their kids to learn how to climb in the first place).

But things are so much different in UK. You can find a tree that have loads of branch and low enough that even a 2 year old can have a go trying to climb it.
It probably has ants or spiders creeping on its dry bark, but nothing poisonous or dangerous insect lived in UK ecosystem except for Black adder snake.
Ok, I should rephrase that. This is a 2 year old trying to crawl on it.
*I guess I should change the title to : Learning to CRAWL a tree*
So, if you have climbing technique to share? drop me a line :-)


Edna said...

:-) Remind me of my childhood. I like climbing trees but most of the time I didn't know how to get down..haha

Liss said...

can't offer assistance her my boy didn't start climbing until much older but has no fear and very unconventional way.

I love these shots beautiful DOF happening here.

HOPE said...

He is soooo CUTE!! What a sweet photo of a child's adventure!

Secrets to a good knee at a time! ;)

God bless..
who enjoys your wonderful photography!

betchai said...

those are cute photos Jess, your little boy is really handsome.

Ayie said...

he's really growing up now...