Monday, 21 September 2009


Just want to share to everyone, I've created new blog. So far I've invited 1 team member to join hand in this project, but I am open to the possibility adding more if anyone of you are interested to join.
The project called "Free Christian Wallpaper" at

I personally always find it refreshing to get an encouragement or reminder from God's word.
So if you have a good picture (whereby you owned the copyright) and want to share it with everyone, you can let me know. Or either you can become a regular contributor (let me know your email address and I'll invite you).
Here are some of the samples.
Hope to see you there :-)
God bless!


Liss said...

Jess, I had trouble posting a comment on your new web site :(

You have some lovely screen savers there, what a beautiful way to share.

J.H said...

Liss, thank you for letting me know about the problem. I think I've fixed it, but not very sure yet. Would you mind trying and let me know?
Thank you very much!

Cher said...

hi Jess! where's the link to your new blog? i'd love to contribute, feel free to let me know which of my photos can be used. i have a lot in store but i haven't posted them all due to time constraint. i'd love to use your blog template too but i realize all things in my sidebar will be lost so i have to do the 'makeover' when i have ample time. BIG THANKS again, you are very generous to share it with me. :)

J.H said...

Hi Cher,
oh... stupid me! yes, I just updated the post with the blog links, thanks for letting me know. It is

I really appreciate your willingness to help up with the images. You can upload the picture you have in mind unto flickr or photobucket with 300 dpi resolution. And then I will to scale the picture to 1200x1600 pixel, add the verse to it, and upload it. The credit to you (and your blog will appear on the entry).Alternatively, you can email the picture to me since you have my email acct :-)
p.s: my blog template, I get it from
yes, you are right, you'll be losing your side bars (which is the exact reason why I didn't use it on this blog).

Merryn said...

nice new project jess.. hope all goes well! :)

Cath J said...

Can we become a reader or viewer for the particular blog?? Not good in photography.. but soo interested to see all the project.. ^_^

Ayie said...

wow, you can really make use of your nice photographs for this! you have lots of serene shots =)

Stardust said...

Keeping fingers crossed for this new project for His glory. =)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi JH, thats very nice of you.
Interesting posting too.
You keep well and have a nice day, Lee.

Edna said...

Hey Jess, what a wonderful idea! Funny that lately I've been asking God how I can use my photography hobby to testify of God's love and goodness. I would love to contribute my photos!

J.H said...

Thanks everyone for leaving such a positive response.

@Cath : I think you can subscribe to any blog by clicking "follow" on the top of the page or on "followe" section.

@Stardust : I'e published your picture, thank you for letting me using your magnificent images!

@Edna : yes, you can always let me know your photobucket/flickr address, I'll let you know which one I need :-) It would be a great blessing.

betchai said...

your pictures bring me tears, so powerful and beautiful.