Monday, 14 September 2009

Riding my ORANGE bike

It feels just yesterday Josiah learned how to walk. Before I knew it, he is now learning how to ride his 4 wheel bicycle.
We decide to get him this little bike about 4 weeks ago (yes, I pick the colour, hard enough to steal as it is too striking!). And he had been go on and on trying to ride it inside the living room, kitchen or hallway. So, one fine autumn day we decide just to bring him out and let him have a go.
He is doing okay, fell a few times but he did not give up and hop back on. But the truth is...we walk faster than him paddling his bike! So at the end of it... he decide to do this.


Cath J said...

Heheheeheh... same here..... *Sigh*

Ayie said...

it's a bright neon orange bike but that's better so you can easily spot him most esp when it gets a little dark.

i miss biking...i bkied a lot as a kid =)

Liss said...

That so cool, this is big sign of growing up. :) You have lots of fun autumn days ahead riding down the street and in the park

AG said...

huah je... josie keliatan udah gede banget... huuhuhuhuhu... time does fly...