Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Share your experience

Okay, I feeling kind of inspired to ask my fellow bloggers (and commenters) to share your experience.


My son is in a stage of "curious" about anything around him. One day we were walking on the hill nearby our house, and he was enthusiastically looking for wild flowers, bugs, creeping stuff, slugs, and snails on the proximity.


He will squat for ages waiting for it to moves or show him some cool thing bugs can do.
He we so estatic when we pointed out a hole on the ground that he found could have been a rabbit house.
At this age, he has absolutely NO FEAR of anything! (I would put it, he has absolutely NO CLUE of what he is getting into). Somewhat bees, wasp, or huge hairy spider only tickles his curious mind even more.


So, I am going to ask whosoever be willing to blog about their best experience exploring nature around you. Or probably you can blog about funny story or doing absolutely unusual things. It can be on the beach, hill, forest, countryside, or even deserted land. One of my friend pointed out you can get close to nature even in the city!

Leave me a comment with your blog link, and share with us your high and interesting (probably crazy) moments!


MaryAnn Ashley said...

My older daughter was very similar at this age... fearless to touch things & endlessly exploring.

I've traveled alone on a few occations & backpacking alone offers such sweet communion. You never feel much closer to God when you are in His undefilied creation.

Teresa said...

I did go on an adventure yesterday, but it will take me a couple of days to put it together on my blog: http://somanywords-teresa.blogspot.com/. It rained, but maybe some of the shots will come out good.

Liss said...

my son doesn't have good spacial awareness and so I never like him climbing on high playground equipment. He likely to step right of the edge.

J.H said...

Hi everyone,
Thanks for sharing, I am sorry I am not as quick responding, there is loads on my to do list at the moment. But I shall return back soon!!!

Ayie said...

i';m not so much of an outdoor person but i enjoy the beaches...i love diggin the sand and trying to catch crabs and get fresh hermit crabs and collect shells