Saturday, 12 September 2009

Sky watch - Conwy Castle



Char said...

gorgeous shots!

Cher said...

you never fail me, Jes! the 3rd and last photo are spectacular!

betchai said...

you wow me with your pictures JH, I so terribly miss the sunrise and sunset these days even though I see them, but hardly do I have the time now to stop to enjoy them :( sunrise I am rushing to go to work, sunset, I am home catching up with many things and just look at the sunset over the window and could not bring out my camera anymore. I am glad you are there to give us this inspiration.

Love all your pictures.

Tes said...

The last photo is hauntingly beautiful, with lights coming out of the castle! Nice shots!

mArNeLLe said...


im so very impressed with your blog, i learn a lot from it. Nice posting and content.

Keep up the good work!.

pls. add me to your link. Thanks

Stardust said...

Beautiful, beautiful, I've always loved watching colors of the Great Painter. =) Blessed.

Ayie said...

lovely sky...very unique!