Friday, 11 September 2009

The truth about HONESTY

There are so many people who like to be described as honest. I mean, really, don't you like have a honest spouse? honest friend? honest parent? honest colleague?

But the truth is, how many people actually like to hear the truth?

I was watching the telley (or what you called TV) in my office. Yes I am paid to watch it just in case you are wondering. As a part of my embedded engineer expertise in subtitling, there I am reading each and every conversation in "Home and Away", a program in ITV.

On one of the scene, the main protagonist, a middle age attractive looking woman who worked as a private investigator, trying to gather some data from her client, Clara, a thirty something, not so tall, rather plump looking lady. She dressed in red tight fitting party dress, expose her cleavage and wearing such a thick make up and lots of diamond.

The PI asked her "So, how can I help you?".

"I think my husband is cheating on me, and I would like to know for sure". Clara explained.
"We had been married for 10 years, this is long before he is became a successful businessman".

The PI's assistant cutting the conversation furiously "you don't need a proof, all men are the same. We had too many clients like you, don't spend your time and money on this!".

"How do you mean?" she questioned.

"I am sorry that my assistant is too direct in saying thing. What she means is, do you really wanted to know the truth?" asked the PI.

Clara thinks and she start to shiver. She throws herself to the sofa and start to sob.

The PI sat next to her, put her hand around Clara's shoulder and tryng to comfort her : "Clara, I am a woman too, I understand how you feel. But let me tell you this, you better of packing up and heading home. Knowing the truth won't change anything. It would just burn you in anger and disappointment".

"I know...." Clara answered "But I can't... I need to know the truth"

The bits that movies really strike me. Yes, so many people demanded for the truth but they won't like to hear or accept it. Now, men will agree with me when their wives ask "Am I look fat in this outfit ?" or "Do I look old?" you had better think of diplomatic answer rather than being honest.

Some people will demand for my honestly, while I know giving them the truth will hurt. The worse news is, those people are normally your own family or close ties. Isn't that true that while you speak with aunties and uncles (your parent siblings), cousins, or in laws (parent, sister, brother you name it) you have to wear "politeness" and "know-the-right-manner" mask. You say things in the name of respect and diplomacy.

I find it easier to speak my true opinion and feelings with close friends and even sometimes with stranger because they don't care who of who you are (and you don't care what they think of you!).

But I can't.

It's like telling the truth about condemnation, judgement, hell and repentance.

The truth about HONESTY is.... many times, it hurts. But when the wound heals, you'll feel satisfied and thankful that you have known... the truth.

p.s : just in case you are wondering the ending of the movies. Yes, Clara's husband was cheating on her (with his former secretary, a better looking girl as usual). Clara end up confronting him on the hotel where the adulterous couple were staying. But her husband chooses the other.
And she is driven with jealousy, drive her car and killed both her husband and his lover.


Liss said...

Home and Away .... is Sally still alive? I haven't watch that series in years.. that and Neighbors.

This is so true. I know of a lady and people think she is so nice because she says things that others want to hear and offers her help to people but she is fake and never mean what she says and hopes people don't take her up on her offers.

I feel she makes me look bad as I don't offer my assistance unless I mean it and I'm honest while trying not to be rude but that approach doesn't often make you popular.

I believe if yo want to know the truth yo must be willing to act upon the knowledge.

Cath J said...

Oh jeez.. what an ending story (TV).. ^_^

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Great stuff! I really do believe that you aren't doing anyone any favors by telling them what they want to hear. I don't do that.

Natasha de Bell said...

Bener banget tuh ga gampang mengatakan kejujuran dlm bbrp hal. Kadang kita takut menyakiti hati org lain. Tp dikatakan atau ga, pd akhirnya dia akan tahu. Jadi lebih baik bicara jujur aja ya...

Stardust said...

I'm for first, can't put a hold on myself when it comes to honest comments, even if it buys me frowns sometimes, though I've tried not to be rude. I'm a big girl who can take honest comments too. I mean, what joy it brings if you know inside, the person doesn't mean what's said?

I like honest people.

How's your grandpa? Bless him.

J.H said...

@Liss : wow, I didn't know that drama airing in Australia as well. Internet and TV surely has make the great distance shorter!

@Stardust : My grandpa still doing poorly, but we keep on praying that he'll be okay soon. Thank you for your thoughtfulness!

ayie said...

so that's your field of work? that must be fun for those who are fond of watching, too bad for me I am not too fond of watching too much.