Sunday, 11 October 2009

Black.... is the new White

I wanted to thank everyone for the support and lovely comments after passing of my grandfather. I must admit it wasn't easy, but thanks to those comforting words, they had made it easier for me to see what it is ahead and not looking what is there behind.

So, in relation to that... I post this entry.
Everyone of us will have our own turn to lose someone we loved one day, whether we are ready or not. Black has always known as mourning colour. But it does not mean it's the end of the world. I find it leaning on my Lord's everylasting arm and His promise give me joy even in my darkest day.


I would like to thank Keri for blogging about tips taking and editting picture to make the background appear solid black. You can go over to her blog, she had lots of useful tips and tricks to share... and you won't be disapponted.


Keri Ann said...

Ahh! Thanks :) you did such a great job with these. All of them are great. The first one of your son is perfect.

I am going to try and do more photography tips, I just need to get them all out of my head :)

I like the grey as well. great job!

Edna said...

Awww..I love this family shots. Your son is very photogenic..and the parents too! Love the dark backdrop. Were these taken with natural lighting?

Merryn said...

NICE! This i like.. very much! Joshua's cute... n u r very pretty. :)

Cher said...

welcome back, Jess! your family photos are picture perfect! thanks, will find time to visit the link and try the tricks one of these days. ;)

Liss said...

beautiful shots.

Keri rocks, doesn't she?

I like the texture you have added in the photo of yourself.

HOPE said...

your photography is so enchanting..I love looking at refreshing!

Such a lovely family.

Blessings to you..

Stardust said...

No amount of words can soothe that pain, so I'm giving it to the Holy Spirit and pray that His presence reign within your family with peace and comfort.

Black, what elegance. You always looks beautiful. =)

Ayie said...

i also love using black or white as background depends on the subject. you have a happy family, nice shots =)