Thursday, 22 October 2009

Catching up with LIFE

At last, what a time of the day I am wanting to have. All cores are done, my boy is in bed, my husband busy doing his own thing, and leaving me with my laptop. Life has been really hectic recently, more that I could ever imagine. And I nearly missed out the autumn catch this year!

First, is because my husband is in the middle of job hunting therefore he has been home late (very late!) almost everyday. Mind you this process will last till end of November.
But why could job hunting be so strenous anyway? Well, he is looking for management consultancy position and it is the nature of the job to be demanding and strenous, so even I have to be able to cope with this and doing things around the house without depending on him.
Hang on, isn't he a physisict? what he had to do with management consulting? The answer is pretty simple. There is very few job for people with his skill, nevermind that he is an Oxford grad, but the truth is there is not many people need a person with DNA and laser skill except if you work for X-man lab (even then they need hot looking actor and actress not a geeky physisict). And if there is such position, it's either the pay is not good or the distant is too far. And would he want to stuck being a physisict or engineer for the rest of his life?

Don't worry, he does not like to insult and con people, but I think you get the point. Last year my husband come quite close from getting a job in 2 of the top management consultancy firm. This sort of assuring us that he had the right skill they need, he just need to sell himself more.

Secondly, our missionary friends - the Nicholsons is up for their holiday last weekend and spend few days with us. It has been great fun! We visiting lots of Christian site in Bedford (John Bunyan), Olney (J Newton, writter or Amazing Grace), and Oxford and Cambridge.
The weather was so so, not raining neither it is sunny, but the cloud make a great diffuse filter and hence we are able to take pictures with no difficulties. We visited tons of colleges, chapels, and museum but the highlight of their trip is trying the punt in Magdalene College Oxford.
The river was sooo empty and tranquil. This is not a season to punt in Oxford, and the gloomy weather has repel many of potential punters away. Loads of colourful leaves and few ducks makes the trip much more memorable than it was. edit8edit6

I am sure I have tons of other pictures to share, but I may keep it for later because winter is coming and it means less stuff to be captured and thus lesser things to blog about.

Thirdly, this blog just receive an award by Stardust! I am so thrilled! I wanted to thank her sweetness for passing on the award, despite of nothing creative about my blog! Therefore, as per her request, I'll pass on this award.

So here it goes :
1. Edna, for her friendship and amazing NZ pictures she shared on her blog.
2. Maryann, for her ever so great super stunning pictures.
3. HOPE, for the encouragement and friendship I find in her blog.

So meanwhile, I've created some autumn leaves collection. I bet those country like States and US have a better share of autumn colours than rainy UK. If you wanted to share your autumn with me, feel free to drop me a link on the comment box!


HOPE said...

What a BLESSING to find this thoughtful award from you this morning! You are such a treasure just for who you are...then you give me this sweet gift. Thank you so very much Jessica.

I love to hear about Missionaries..where is your friends mission field (or did I miss something along one of the post?)

God bless your day and thank you again for ENCOURAGING...ME!


Stardust said...

All the best to your hubby in his search and I hope you'll find time to find a balance soon. Take time, take time...

Edna said...

Awww...that's very sweet of you Jessica. Thank you very much for the award. I'm indeed touched and like Hope, feel very encouraged!

Your hubby's area of work is very interesting especially combining molecular biology and laser technology. I wish him all the best to him in his job hunting.

Ayie said...

awwww the kids are having so much fun