Friday, 23 October 2009

I heart Autumn

Although I must say that autumn is not my favorite kind of season (I do prefer spring and summer), it does have its own charm to offer.
What could be better than enjoying the last warm weather by stroling over the beautiful cambridge colleges. Watching the leaves began to fall as the strong cold autumn wind blows.
Or watching the punters try to get their way in the ripply mood of the river. I was surprised that so many people still giving themselves a chance to get wet despite of this cold weather.
My husband busy taking the Nicholson's picture and his picture :P
While the children is more interested to watch the punter from the bridge. Either they had never seen boat before or they just want to swim on the river.
I find myself adoring the miraculous colour of autumn leaves on the ground. I wonder what makes the tree knows it's time for them to change their outfit colour at this time of the year.
Despite of less selection of blooming beauty compared to spring and summer, autumn still has in store some of the most beautiful flower to show. I don't know the name of it, but boy it's surely smell wonderful and it is HUGE!
Talking about flowers nearly a size of your head, that it is! It may not look that big here though.
I've been enjoying my autumn day thus far. So how's autumn in your place is like?


sharilyn said...

love that shot of the kids looking out of the bridge! wonderful capture! :)

Char said...

gorgeous shots - looks like a beautiful day

Ayie said...

i also love the colors of autumn, so warm and lovely!

that's a very nice outing jess

Cath J said...

T_T It's whole year summer here... T_T....

HOPE said...

Oh my...nothing as GORGEOUS as these have shown beautifully ALL the colors of Fall.

Thanks for making me feel I'm there in all the beauty.


Uncle Lee said...

Hi JH, great pics. Love the clarity.
Last I was at Cambridge was in 1963.
I love the fall, as well the walking on fresh snow at night, making footprints.
Have fun, and keep well, Lee.

coffeesncookies said...

You publish really beautiful pictures in your blog.. very indulging !