Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Things that makes me smile

I recently bump into an old friend in facebook, she is my former high school classmate somewhat 13 years back. She praise me on how different I look now that pull her hesitancy to approve my friend request at first. I feel flattered and surprised at first, I am best well known as geek and nerdy of all generation can't change that much!
But the truth of the matter is, I hardly spoke to her back then, she was just one of the dozen of people who happen to be my classmate. After exchanging a little more note, I was starting to regret why I didn't know this friend this well back then.
cambs8 (Above : My son and the Nicholson's, his best buddies)
I must admit, I did regret on some choices of friend I made years ago. Especially as teenager, little did I realise that friend can affect loads of your decision making, priority and the way you look at your life. In result, not just I waste few of my good youthful year pursuing vanity stuff and pride, but the heartache, the sorrow, and disappointment when you know whom you labelled as "best friend" or "soul mate" does not behave like one in return, and end up leaving you or betraying you on their convenience.

But as many said, Mistake is the best teacher. I start to retrack my path. Now that I've grew wiser (yes, from learning my mistake!) my life is much happier and simpler. God had bring many of His best people to be my best friend. And when He did, these friends and their friendship not only lasted until we all die. But it last for eternity.
This entry is dedicated to all my Christian blog stalker, especially Abbie Nicholson, Tammy, Stardust, AG and Ellena. You girls are so meaningful for me!


HOPE said...

Such a sweet and thought provoking post. Yes, I've been there also. The disappointments hurt..but then you meet real, born again Christians with the right heart and love. Praise the LORD for those he brings our way.

The pic of you is lovely and how precious to include a dear friend with you.

By the way..did you know Aubrey is my daughter (diary of an Army Wife). You and her would do well together as friends!! (in person)

God bless...

Stardust said...

Thank you honey, for your presence too. =)

Cher said...

very true. treasure friends who will stand by you through thick and thin and accept you for who you are and not for what you have.

AG said...

mwah mwah to u too, Je! :D
thanks for being such a wonderful sis in Christ =)
and yep, u look much better compared to highschool, but still as krupika as always, wkakakak
btw, scarf elo di foto ma abby, itu kan yang elo punya sejak dari sg ya? hihihihihi *ingetan gajah*

J.H said...

@HOPE : My goodness!!! I didn't you you are Aubrey's mom. I did stalk Aubrey's blog quite a bit, we share a lot in common :-) And yes, I think we can make great friends.

@Stardust & AG : you most welcome, thanks for having me as your buddies. To AG: yes that's scarf is from donkey years! you truly have elephant memory.

@Cher : amen to that!

Ayie said...

seeing the kids make me miss my niece and seeing you with your friend makes me miss my bestfriend..

Sis. Tammy said...

I count it a privelege and honour to call you my friend, not to mention the heavy responsibility that comes with the title
"pastor's wife".

You're a blessing and I appreciate you very much.