Sunday, 4 October 2009

Welcome Autumn!

Can't believe it! It's already autumn now. I thought it was just yesterday we floating around the outdoor swimming pool, sipping lemon ice tea and watching the spring flowers grow.
As the season gets cooler (should say "colder"), the grass and the trees start to wear a different coat of colour. We know autumn is here. We decide to walk in Salcey wood one weekend to enjoy the very last time of wearing short sleeve shirt and thin trousers.
But autumn does not always mean dry and boring. There are some flowers that blooms only in autumn. Here are some of them. And I spot a ladybird as well together with it!
Salcey Forest is an oasis of nature and history only 7 miles from the centre of Northampton. Wildlife and history are in abundance at Salcey. So come and discover why elephants roamed the forest and where to find a roman road.
If you have a head for heights, ascend the all ability Tree Top Way and see Salcey from a completely different viewpoint, with fantastic views in store at the top.
But mind you that some people (and dogs) get really motion sick as the bridge wobble as kids running on it.
There are extensive trails to help you explore the forest, with three walking trails, two of which are all-access paths. There is a 5 mile family cycle route and a 6 mile horse riding trail with its own car park for horse boxes.
And here is the view from the top, isn't that pretty?


Cath J said...

Very very pretty.....

Aubrey said...

Love all the Fall pics! It is definitely my favorite time of the year! Would love to hike that bridge too! Have a wonderful week!

Cher said...

your world is like a paradise! thanks for sharing. still busy but managing to take quick peeps. ;)

God bless and take care...

Edna said...

Yes, how fast time flies! Time to start christmas shopping hehehe.. beautiful place & images. Love the ladybird on the flower. Speaking of ladybird, I have not seen any ladybird since I arrived here in NZ...

Stardust said...

It's all so autumnly there already!! We're having the colds first before we see gold. Hmm... I've never liked cold seasons very much, but I'm glad to have a good time seeing your shots. Cute ladybug!

Liss said...

That little red lady bird is a picture of beauty sitting on the bright yellow flower.

I did a tree top walk last year and I'm not good with heights. Not sure If I like the sounds of a wobbly bridge that high above the ground.

HOPE said...

Capture of Fall beauty...perfectly!

I just spotted a cute ladybug yesterday as lovely on that Bright Yellow flower!

Blessings to you and yours..


Ayie said...

woah, that's high!

i can tell autumn is really great there...lovely ladybugs!