Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Wordless Wednesday



Ayie said...

the series of photos feels so serene, such a sweet shot with the dad

Cher said...

wordless! you can put up your own photography studio...

Stardust said...

The pictures have spoken a thousand this Wednesday. =P

You're alright? Are you making arrangement to leave for your hometown anyway?

Hope you'll make time to pick up an award at my place! =D

Liss said...

No words needed for these beautiful shots.

HOPE said...

Innocent, precious...says it all.

Great photos!


J.H said...

@Ayie : yes, she is lucky her dad beside her otherwise she would have plunge and take a dive!

@Cher, Liss and Hope: hahaha... thank you, I feel flattered. But the truth is, the sun and the cloud make the ambience perfect for photography, they deserve the credit :-)

@Stardust : I am sorry dear, I've been really busy lately, I'll blog about it soon :-) I have loads to tell you.
I'll be going back to Indonesia this December, too bad I couldn't meet my grandfather.