Tuesday, 24 November 2009

It's been long

I know it's been long since I update this blog. Three of us are under the weather lately and having a lot of sleepless night. I do hope everyone else stay healthy.
The weather outside has been very wet and windy, making me not in any appetite to pick up my gear and snap picture outside.
I also notice that Christmas is exactly a month away today! This year has flown like a rocket. I still have not found a good christmas present idea for my parents and in law.
Oh yes, next year, my mother in law will be staying with us for a few months.... isn't that exciting? (I mean in good sense, not in sarcasm haha). We had plan a little trip to scotland to see our cousin and have a bit of family time.

Meanwhile, I saw that trees and branches are completely exposed. Marking the end of Autumn.


Ayie said...

I hope all of you recover soon and get to enjoy the outdoors again. Nice to know you're going to have some family time =)

Cath J said...

Beautiful photos.. ^_^

Edna said...

Heard of the flooding in the UK. Hope your area is not affected. I find it hard to motivate myself photographing during winter months, mainly because I prefer to stay indoor and keep warm..:-)

Liss said...

Get better soon, Christams is only around the corner.... scary that time has gone by so quickly.

The Fredy Family said...

Great fall shots! My favorite time of year!

Snowcatcher said...

Beautiful shots, as always! I hope you all get feeling better soon!

J.H said...

Thank goodness I am well now :-) Well, if anyone here can share ideas what to photograph during wintery month (no snow here, sadly) let me know.

@Edna : thankfully, my area is quite high up, and about 3 hr away from affected area. But my thoughts are with them :-(