Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Little bit about me

I just realise, I had never write anything about myself in organise way on this blog. My blog reader, especially those who does not know me in person, need to guess, or imply from my blogpost on what do I do and where I came from.
So, here it is!
Hello! As some of my very smart reader probably have guessed, my nick on this blog, J.H whereby 'J' stands for Jessica. I was born in Bandung, a city in west Java. But I was no where close to being a city girl. My parents, both a physician, was on deputation when I was small, so we always move around villages every now and then. When I looked at my childhood pictures, it appeared very odd to see there is a fair skined, small eyes, flat nose little girl standing in the midst of darker skinned, big eyed, native sundanese. It's no wonder I was always called "Japanese girl" amongest my peers since my sounded-too-american name was too difficult for them to say nor remembered.
What I remembered about my childhood days were fairly simple. Although I might look different, my friends always treated me the same. I run around bare footed in the paddy fields, enjoying the mud on the pond, play pretend cooks with leaves and flowers, making handmade utensils from clay, dug up dirt to find ant's house, catching small prawn and fishes with hand, making trumpet out of morning glory and alamanda, collection flower seeds, chasing ducks and chicken on the backyard, keeping cricket and fireflies as pets, burning paper with magnifying glass, learning to climb trees, making necklace out of cassava leaf, hunting for Mimosa pudica (the plant that move when you touch), catching mosquito larve with my mom's pantyhose and a wire, flying kite with my dad.
When the sunset comes, the village normally gets really dark because there were no electricity. But we always have fun playing shadows, watching firelfy lit up the fields, learn how to make necklace out by buring plastic straw with candles.
Life was simple and fun. I never think of internet, computer games or even television.
For many years of my life, at the age of 10 finally my parents decide to settle down in one of the village nearby a oil mining town. Then my mom works for hospital emergency unit (yes, she is a real ER resident!), while my dad still works for another remote clinics. Because my mom didn't drive, the whole house has to go with her when she receive an emergency call. So, barely awake, me and my sister often stuck in the hospital waiting room or in the car. But I know that comfortable bed to sleep on is the least important option when someone's life was at stake.
Let me tell you, life as doctor's daugther is ALWAYS fun! I normally goes to school on a 30 minutes ride on motorbike by one of the nurse. There are occassion whereby he is on duty to drove an ambulance. It was a funny sight to see an ambulance waiting at the school gate to pick me up. And being the naughty me, I often insist the driver to turn on the siren to pass by crowded road. To me this is a memory for life! And then after school, I often sit on the lab to observe someone's faeces or blood, it might sounded disgusting, but believe me, to see what under the microscope made it worthed!
But life soon changes when one of my classmate died at the age of 15 on motorbike accident. I start to consider lots of thing in my life, of what I need the most, thinking about what matters in this world and in eternity, and finally, december 1995, I realise I need to be forgiven, and I need to be saved. Although I had never be a "bad girl", but I admit I have lots of sins that other or even my parents had never seen, and I need to repent and ask God to help me to overcome those.
I was then sit for senior high school in Jakarta for 3 years. Although I had never enjoy a life in the city, I must thank the Lord for beautiful Godly friends I am blessed during this time. I met Steven Liauw, my pastor's son whom sit on the same class as me for the whole 3 years. He was the man that introduce me to the truth of the bible and dare to live according to its standard. I also met AG, a best friend for life and eternity.
I soon get comfortable with my life in Jakarta, but God has a different plan. I was sent to Singapore to study computer engineering. If you are familiar with my blog, I despise a lot my life in Singapore. I had very few friends, I miss my church back home, I miss my family, I was terribly lonely, and I hate the "kiasu" (afraid to lose) lifestyle there. But with the Lord's help I graduated successfully with second upper honours, despite not liking the subject. But there is always a purpose for whatever happening in our life. During those painful 4 years I get to know a man, who later get saved and became my husband. I dare to say that it was the only highlight of my days then. We work for 3 years to complete my bond and serve in local church.
And again, God has another plan. Before we know it, we landed in Oxford, UK as my husband offered to study in a place he never dare to dream about. Around this time of the year, 4 years ago, he was officially matriculated. During these course of time, we met some great soul from whom we learn the wisdom of the Lord.
Life had never been sweeter!
If I looked back through my life, praise God for a great Shepherd who guided me like Jesus.


Abbie said...

I really enjoyed reading about your past. Next time we get together I would love to hear more! It reminds me of the verse in Job 23 that tells how God performeth the thing that is appointed for me!

Abbie said...

I really enjoyed reading about your past. Next time we get together I would love to hear more! It reminds me of the verse in Job 23 that tells how God performeth the thing that is appointed for me!

Edna said...

Thanks Jessica for sharing about yourself. It never cease to amaze me to see God's wonderful hand at work in the life of his children. His timing is impeccable.

Keri Ann said...

Jessica that was sweet to read. Thank you for sharing about your life. It was fun to read. Our childhoods were vastly different. Sometime I will share. your childhood sound dreamy and simple.
You must be very smart, as well as your parents. you have much joy to come in your future with your beautiful family.

Stardust said...

Your childhood antics threw me laughing, I never had a vivid childhood like that. =P And though there may have been times a little tough, I'm glad that His hands are always upon you, and guiding to where you are now.

Liss said...

Thank you for sharing your story. It's nice to read a bit about how you got to the current point in your life.

Even though our lives are totally different I couldn't agree more with you about god's plan for each individual. Even though bad things have happened in my life I would never want to change them as they have bought me to where I am today and brought some great people into my life. The not so good people have also taught me valuable lessons.

HOPE said...

you have made me cry Jessica...what a wonderful testimony. You are such a sweet sincere lovely young woman..Praise God for young adults such as you and your husband who stand for the truth and love the LORD unashamely..

Your photography is truly a gift!

Thank you so much for sharing your life and who you are...it's a pleasure and blessing to have found you.

By the way..my husband led me to the LORD.

I'm on blogging break, but I'll stop by to visit you.


Snowcatcher said...

I enjoyed getting to know you better. Seeing God's hand in our lives really does make the difficult times easier to bear.

Ayie said...

nice to know more about you Jes, i will come back again to finish readin. I'll be out to pick up hubs from work first. goodnight!

Ayie said...

you made me remember the cassave leave/stem necklace i always make too. We did almost same kid stuffs, i had the most fun playing too. I finally get to read all.

have a great day!

betchai said...

thanks for sharing your memories of the past Jessica. I love all the messages here, and though we come from different countries, but we do have similar childhood and fun. i miss those days, i guess that's why i love to hike since hiking allows me to reminisce the joyfulness i enjoyed in my childhood out there in the field, not thinking about computer, internet nor television. the outdoors was the most FUN!

God always has His beautiful plans revealed on us, sometimes, we may not see it right away, but as we look back, we know everything that happened was His plans for it brought us the best of us.

Cath J said...

Nice knowing you Jess.. ^_^

J.H said...

glad everyone enjoyed it, I thought it was a bit irrelevant and boring, but I decide to blog it anyway.
Now I am glad I did!
I hope you all will blog something about yourself soon :-)

coffeesncookies said...

Que Sera Sera.. whatever will be will be. you have a colorful life and looks like you never know what was ahead of you when you were young. Now, you have a lovely hubs and kid and in control of your life now. I really love yr photos.

F A I T H said...

Thanks for your sharing and reminder that God has a plan for us all, one that's good and beautiful. I'm struggling with my nursing course this semester and reading your blog and viewing your pictures is a real enjoyment. God bless you!