Monday, 30 November 2009

Parents mind

I receive loads of "interesting" comment on my previous blog about "what do want to be". You can read them here.

Moving on one gear up, do you - as a parent - often observe the "hidden talents" our toddlers have? Few months ago, I had a very interesting conversation among mums :

Me : Looked like Aaron did well learning how to walk, he is just 10 month old, can't believe it he is running so quick. I recalled my son hardly even stand when he was 9 month old. Did you feed him something different?

Aaron's mum : Not exactly, we had never knew how his motor skilled are developed so quickly. He was crawling when he was 6 month old. I reckon he probably can become a good sportsman.

Lucy's mum : my girl hasn't walked yet until she is 1 yo. But she quite fond of singing. She can recite "twinkle twinkle little star" in complete lyrics plus with correct tune.

Me : that's impressive, she will make a great singer when she grew up. My son didn't say much words yet till date. But he can count to ten.

Other mums : that's advance, probably he'll be mathematician!

Last week, me and my husband decided we'll try to give Josiah a try on finger painting. I had always been delaying THIS because I can imagine the cleaning up job to do after 10 minutes of messy fun. We purposely pick up SOYA FINGER PAINT, that easy to clean and does not stick to surface as much. We prepare the table, even bought one plastic coat to avoid him painting himself allover.


But interestingly enough, my son was toooo "clean" to touch the goey and mucky paint with his own finger. So he decide to always use brush. (And yes, he refuse to wear the plastic coat we bought him, another waste of money).


So what's your verdict? a modern art painter for his future?


Liss said...

Having different strengths and weakness is what makes our own individual strengths so wonderful and I think it a great thing that we recognize these in our children and encourage them.

Your finger painting story reminds me that my son hated sensory play. His therapist use to put shaving cream on a try and make him drawn in it with his fingers much to his dislike.

MaryAnn Ashley said...

Chocolate pudding is fun to finger paint with too:)

Snowcatcher said...

That's pretty awesome that he tries to stay clean at such a young age! Can't wait to see how his talent develops!

Ayie said...

Not all kids develop at the same rate and some excel on some fields and some don't. He might be more inclined with arts as he grows up with the interest he's showing so just keep exposing him to it. Eventually he will develop other skills.

~Rebecca~ said...

Lovely photography!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!
And yes... 75 handwritten letters from my sweetheart is very wow!

God bless,