Thursday, 26 November 2009

So, what do you want to be?

When I was small, my teacher often ask me "So, what do you want to be when you grown up?".
I was about 4 -5 year old.
So, as a toddler (who apparently have a very distorted view about this world) my answer will be something like "teacher" "police woman" "president", or "astronout" kind of thing. I remembered as some point in my life I wanted to become a vet, because I love animals and I think I did well helping my mom in the clinics (basically I was "hired" to pound the tablets, writting dosage, and giving change... and yes, none of it have anything to do with being a real doctor).
My mom told me to become a doctor you need to be in school for a looong time, approximately 5-6 years longer than other occupation, so I drop my idea of becoming a doctor and down grade it to a nurse!
Then not long after that one of my primary 3 teacher was sooo inspiring that it changes my mind to be a teacher instead. Then I took organ and guitar lesson, and founded my hidden talents, soon enough I am persuaded to be a musician.
But that does not last too long, at the age of 13, there is an influx of japanese comic book (so called "manga") in Indonesian book store. Let me tell you that me and my sister are soooo hooked up, we read it everywhere, dinner table, toilet, bed, some of my friend even read it by hiding their hand underneath the school drawer during lesson time. Then me (even my sister) told ourselves that we will be comic writter and this decision is final!

The truth is, we did maintain that thought for quite a while. But with a little bit of common sense, we obviously know that being a comic writter is hard work. Life is full of deadlines, and you need to work whether you have any great story to write or not. Unlike being a doctor, engineer, astronout, physicist, or politician, being a comic writter is more like being a music composer or painter, something has to come with creativity and inspiration. And by the way, even when you have creativity and inspiration ALL THE TIME, at the end of the day, the one who earn most money is the publisher! and not the writer.

Okay, in short, me and my sister sack the idea to become comic writter. Today, I am a computer engineer and my sister is an architect. If I look backwards on those crazy "occupation wannabees" that I ever dreamt, sometime I do wonder what's actually in my mind that time? do I really think seriously that I can earn my living doing that for the rest of my life? Probably not.

Now when I look at my soon I fell like I look at myself 20 years ago. He had the wild dream, a very distorted idea about things around him, limited knowledge of this world and a idealist ambition. And this all combined in his mind.
"So, Josiah...what do you want to be?"

Do you know what my son want to be at this point of his life?
I bet 99% of you can guess what it is.

Beware of the new FAT CONTROLLER!!!
This picture courtesy of his childminder.


Merryn said...

Thomas? hehehehhee.. I also wanted to be a teacher when I was younger.

Kamana said...

hehehe cute! my son wants to be either a taxi driver or a truck driver... something that involves constant driving apparently!

Edna said...

My friend's son loves Thomas too. I bet he and your son will get along very well. Hehehe..
Love your sharing of your childhood ambitions.

Ayie said...

A trainman? since he can't be thomas the train!

Uncle Lee said...

I ran away from school 2nd day of school. The teachers panic, the cops found me walking home 3 miles away. I was 6.
As the years passed, my mom one of the very few who received letters from teachers, all with similar messages, "you son has no hope, no future".

I sure made my mom religious....and though I never exceeded her or my teachers expectations, always scraping thru my exams by a hair, used to joke, "I want to be a gangster"!
I guess influenced by Hollywood.

But the moon and stars and mom's prayers and fate opened the right 29 I had exceeded everyone's dreams....One of the few to fly in a company plane.
I did have dreams of wanting to be a cop, or a pilot.
Ha ha, you have a nice weekend, Lee.

F A I T H said...

Hahaha... Tell Josiah he needs to put on a lot more weight to be a FAT Controller!!! Its hard to understand what goes on in a kids mind but they sure "enlighten" adults in their own special way, don't they? At 3, my girls want to be ballerina and princess respectively. ???

Looking back, I wanted to be an artist when I was in junior school, then changed to musician when I started off in high school (I was in the band) and then I decided to be a "nobody" when I was 16. I was really rebellious! Come to think of it, God is indeed very gracious. If I hasn't met HIM, I wonder what I'll turn out to be...

wenn said...

hah..ambitions only stay for a while..

betchai said...

i did not think much what i wanted to be when i was younger, all i know is i wanted to run in the fields and wanted to have fun always jumping on the river, and school was kind of "boring" except for PE :) but then, like what you said, school was boring because i had no idea about how distored my reality was :)
love your post JH, it's fun reading it :)