Friday, 6 November 2009

Sweet sound on my ear

What do you think the sweetest sound to your ear?
For me lately it wasn't mozart or sentimental piano instrumental.

It was the sound of toilet flush!


Guess what, my son is 100% nappy (american read : diaper) FREE now!!!

Believe me, after so many time washing your carpet, changing sheets, washing soiled trousers, and £10 extra for each week grocery, I bet that flushing sound is the sweetest sound a mom can ever heard!


Cher said...

what a fun post Jess! i share the same sentiments when Kyla stopped using diapers. ;)

i love your new header!

Marfa said...'s a big deal, I totally understand!!!

kulasa said...

hi! he is so adorable!

Y.S said...

Note, only when he is awake. He still has his nappy when he sleeps at night, not for short afternoon nap though.

The Fredy Family said...

Congrats! We plan on potty training in about 6 weeks or so!

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Buying a the 450D and a nice lens may be all you need.

Ling That's Me said...

my 4 yo son is also on diaper when napping in the afternoon and sleeping at night :)

Wayfaring Wanderer said...


Ayie said...

congratulations! now you're really having a big boy =)

Melody said...

Haha...that is a interesting and sweet sound to hear...toilet flush! I can imagine the rush by baby, mom and dad to rush him to the toilet when the needs arise : )

Liss said...

I know the feeling relief and joy that 100% toilet trained brings, trust me it took me over 12 month cold turkey .. (no nappies) to train my son.

Congratulations exciting time ahead.

betchai said...

congratulations on your boy Jess, and yes, what happiness indeed :)

your son look so adorable in that pic.

Sis. Tammy said...

You are absolutely hilarious!!!!
But I must agree it is great, and children even thought so too.

MaryAnn Ashley said...

Big Boy! Great milestone... I enjoyed reading your previous post too.

Stardust said...

HAHAHAHAHAH! Ok, I believe u. =P

Jungle Mom said...

Congrats and I bet it was a beautiful sound at that!

J.H said...

wow, 15 comments! I must post something like this often then LOLs