Sunday, 6 December 2009

All about TRAIN

For my 3 year old, life is obviously NOT fun without train. So, as we had been doing this since he was born (and acquire this hobby), that is to visit local model railway exhibition.

Year by year we are always surprised again by how much labour and cost poured into this "hobby". The cost of this tiny locomotive is not cheap, it can easily cost somewhere above £100 each, not to mention you have to be gentle to it, clean it, dust it, oil it.
Some people must be spending awfully loads of time in landscaping this artwork. They are actually very tiny, the biggest tree on this landscaping only as tall as needle.

While there are others that somewhat rather big... like this one below.



But the best of all (according to my son) is to see this what they called "test-track". It is basically a big circular tracks with various sizes locomotive, trucks and coaches running on it. It is meant for testing (at the name said) before the loco is put as a part of certain landscape.
Yes, they all moves! In fact, they more very quick!

Our last stop before the day ends is this Thomas and his Friends model railway. The owner was surprisingly NOT a little boy, but more towards a great granddad. He is getting enthusiastic in explaining to a group of toddler who stand in amazement on his model railway (uh huh, my son is one of them).

"Sir, so how much time and money you spend on this?" I asked.

"I can estimate xxxx pound and xx hour."
Somehow, I regret to know his answer.


Kamana said...

my son is crazy about trains too. and both my children love the thomas the tank engine stories so much. they would love to visit this place :)

Liss said...

My boy is 7 and he still plays with his Thomas trains and track daily. I don't think boys ever grow up wears when it comes to trains and cars. Lucky the model railway is fun to photograph as I can see you spending many more years making trips to this place.

Snowcatcher said...

My dad is an avid model railroader, so this was more than just interesting. The photos are very well done. And yes, the love for trains can last a lifetime. I think my dad's been doing this for about half a century now!

Aubrey said...

Hello! Thank you for your sweet comment and your prayers!

I remember when all my kids went through the Thomas the Train phase! :)

Good to hear from you...hope you are doing well!

God's blessings~Aubrey

Ayie said...

we'd love to put up a hobby room once we get to buy our home here where we can layout a train station like a small community, our entire family can enjoy

HOPE said...

I LOVE trains! I actually use to ride them quite often as a child to visit my g'parents. Such wonderful memories!

Love the much detail shows which is the fun part of seeing these displays. We also visit them when they are in our area. My husband had actually thought of one time...making one for the yard. They are so neat..very big.

Thank you for your thoughtful and sweet note about Kelly. I know your prayers will mean so much to her at this important time in her life.

God bless you with a HAPPY NEW YEAR filled with many blessings!

by the daughter is in a blizzard at her home at this time!!


Uncle Lee said...

Hi JH, nice pics. Young boys tend to go for cars, trains and boats and planes, guns too.
Bet your 3 year old wants a train set at home.

When I was very young, about 5, my parents couldn't afford toys...but I sure had one very creative, very innovative mother...
she would collect either cigarette boxes, or matchboxes and use her sewing buttons as wheels, tie or hook the boxes together, use water colour, and I had my 'train'.

And as I grew up, I made my own toys from empty boxes, tins, whatever being discarded became my parts for toys.
All that became ingrained in me, to be innovative and creative.

I applied the same to my kids too, hardly buying them toys knowing they never last...I taught them to make their own. And believe you me, they lasted.
Have a nice day, best regards, Lee.

J.H said...

Hi all, sorry for not been writing... three of us still terribly ill with cold and cough, please pray for us :*(

KY said...

Get well soon to you and your family.