Friday, 18 December 2009

Happy birthday Precious

I know I am jotting this this down amidst so many things going on in my mind and so many things left to do. My husband just had another job rejection after his first final round interview this year, which did screw thing up quite a bit.
By no means, this is will be THE ONLY job will left us option to stay put where we are at the moment. Yes, he had few other company interview him next year but all of those will require us relocating, not only city, probably country!

So here we are busy preparing for christmas in church, getting ready to go back home (yes we heading home on the 23rd!), and in between try to juggle strenous interview preparation....and my little boy's birthday is practically left as the very last priority.

We sort of bought him a thomas cake from sainsbury (local grocery shop), we had no time to celebrate it ourselves, so chuck the cake to the preschool and let him have 10 minute celebration. And worse still, on the day he had his birthday was the company christmas dinner, and I missed it last year due to flu bug. So there he was waiting on the childminder house till 10pm on his birthday. And the worst is... we has not got time to find him a birthday present!!!
Lucky for me, he does not seem to understand that it is his special day. At first he thought it was christmas party because there was a christmas tree, then he tought it is thomas birthday because thomas stuff were practically every gift he opened.
I feel really sorry for my little man, he was practically forgotten by almost everyone. I promise, next year I'll do better!


Merryn said...

I'm sorry to hear bout ur hubs' job interview rejection again... hope things will get better real soon.

The thomas cake looks good though! And maybe it is a good thing that he is not totally aware of what is going on right now. Kids need not worry too much.. Take care :)

Melody said...

sorry to hear that Yusdi interview has not turned up what you all want. May be there is better place and better job for him, we all do not know. Be strong and be patient, Jessica and Yusdi : )

Liss said...

Birthdays close to Christmas are a little bit of a nightmare. My boy didn't get his first Birthday present until he was 4 years old as there is only 2 day between his birthday ans Christmas.

I give him a party early December or even late November now just so before the can celebrate before the holidays and have something of his own.

Don't feel to bad, I am sure you wont have permanently scared you son for the lack of attention on one given day.

Natasha de Bell said...

Wah Josiah sampe ga tau ultahnya sendiri. Lucu juga dia menyangka itu ultahnya Thomas. Kyut bgt sih tart-nya, disini ga ada tuh kayanya. Happy birthday ya, Josiah!

MaryAnn Ashley said...

Happy Belated Birthday Josiah.

Stardust said...

Ohh... Happy belated birthday to little Josiah! Surely there'll be a big bang for the party next year!

Sorry to hear that your hubby's interview didn't work, but I'd like to believe that God is working out the odds and making things good ahead. Look up, when things are looking down.

Please have a wonderful time back home with your loved ones. A little early though, Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

betchai said...

i am sorry to hear about the circumstances J.H, but knowing how strong your spirits are, I know you will be very ready when the time comes. Luckily for you, indeed, your son did not know much yet it was his special day, but he will understand, all things you did were for him and your family as well.

Blessings, and may you have a wonderful Christmas.

Ayie said...

Sorry to hear about the unfortunate events but stay still, things will be better. Happy Birthday to your precious son, the photos will remind him in time that you never forgot his day. =)

hiPPo said...

hey gal! i m sure u did well enough despite the distractions in ur lives now.. and the cake looks yummy!

happy belated birthday Josiah!