Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The other side of festive season FUN

Right, so my entry lately has been rather mellow and sad, which is somehow sounded wrong for Christmas festive period. Christmas is a great reason to be.... joyful and happy.

Well at least my little boy enjoys his christmas no matter what, thanks to church friends and his childminder, Julie, who make loads of effort and activity for him to do.

Narrated by Josiah.


So mommey said that Christmas is coming. People are suddenly busy shopping and decorating. Miss Julie put up a lot of nice decoration in her house, not to mention her lovely christmas tree. However, there is no christmas decoration at home.
Mommey said she can't be bothered to look for one. Good thing that clever Ms. Julie decided we are going to make one!
Not only that, we also made some cute snowman. Mine is the fattest. Mommey said it looks just like me except it is white.
On cold wintery day, we still go outside and have a walk. Ms Julie said we have to keep walking on the kerb, far away from traffic, and hold each other hand just like this...
And if we've been a good boy, after a busy day... we get our reward.
But it's different story when it start to gets really cold outside. I watch a white cotton like stuff swaying in the wind outside. Ms Julie said it's snowing, and later on we can play sledding outside.
It was sooo... much fun. I don't know why Mommey hate snow so much. She said it causes traffic jam and accident. Adult are surely strange.
I also see loads of light outside people's home. Mommey said Christmas is a birthday of a King called Jesus. However, she said it just so happen that my birthday is somewhat on the same month.
After tiring day of making craft, sledding and eating ice cream. It would be nice to have a snuggle while watching DVD on the couch.
This is a life of a toddler, and I am loving it! Happy Christmas everyone, Happy birthday Jesus!


Ayie said...

Merry Christmas!!!

Ice cream on a snowy day? well kids can't resist that! So nice to have so much fun like that, I wish i can do all those fun things now.

Natasha de Bell said...

Ceritanya asyik banget, Josiah.... kamu melewati masa kanak-kanak yang sangaaattt bahagia, dikelilingi orang-orang yg mengasihimu. You are the lucky boy!