Sunday, 17 January 2010

Enjoying Hongkong

Hello everyone! Finally I am back to England safely. I have loads of things to catch up, unpacking, and also sleeping. Therefore, I can't write much here, so for a bit of spoiler here is some of my picture from Hongkong Disneyland.banner2
We were there at about 12 noon (for the fact that hongkong disneyland is not as big as its sister site in Anaheim or Florida), spend some time eating our lunch (because no outside food allowed inside) and then embark to the adventure.
Though we came rather late (and even when we didn't suffer from jetlag) We managed to see quite a lot of things.
This is the first ride we took : "It's the small world after all".
The park was rather busy considering that we actually went on the 25th december. But the queue still can't beat the one in Anaheim by far.
The best of all is the decoration of the disney mainstreet during the night. They have a huge christmas tree standing on the corner of the road.
Strange enough that I've noticed more couples treat this theme park as a dating venue more than parents bringing their children to amusement park. It's no wonder that Disney try to make the ambience as "romantic" as possible.... so what else by adding fake-snow-foam on the air!
Did you notice the picture much sharper this time? These were taken with my new 50mm 1.4 lens at f/1.6
We had a great Christmas, praise the Lord.



Teresa said...

Wow, I really love the night photos with all the lights everywhere. Glad you are home safe and that you all had a great time together. Looking forward to seeing all your photos.

Char said...

looks like a wonderful time! :)

Merryn said...

The last picture is soooo beautiful :D I mean all pictures are beautiful but the last is extra beautiful :)

Edna said...

Welcome back J.H.! You were surely missed in the blogland! Can't wait to read your holiday posts and enjoy your many as usual gorgeous photos.
(Already I'm enthralled by this entry pics!)

Cath J said...

Holi cow.. the castle was beautiful!!!! Can't wait our trip to HK.. ^_^

Yeah HK Disney is the smallest.. but for a start before going to Japan and other sister of hers.. hahahah

Liss said...

What the Muppet's are at Disneyland Hong Kong .... I got to go!!!

I love the last image of the castle, just stunning.

Have fun editing your images. Look forward to reading more about your holiday.

Marfa said...

Beautiful photos...looks so much like Disney in Orlando, Florida...the castle, teacups, and "it's a small world" (that's my fav). The snow photos are so delicate and pretty!

Stardust said...

Love your potrayed, must be tough meddling the camera while having fun, but I guess it's all worth it. Beautiful night shots. =D

J.H said...

girls, I missed you all too. I guess I need to catch up with loads of your entry!