Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Glorious food

Now I guess it's about time to blog about food.
While I was back home, I was fed with every kind of food (I guess that what people do when they returned to their hometown). This make me realise how different the food I have here and back there.

Now, Jakarta in particular... unlike London... is not a famous place for anything. There is no nice museum, park, palace (as Buckingham palace) or real cultural exhibition. That's sounded boring! So, what does the local people do on their spare time?

Well... they EAT!
Eating is a big part of Indonesian culture. We chat and have building relationship while eating. I am not talking about fancy romantic dinner, but also lunch between business partner or family reunion dinner. You can see the evidence of this if you pass Kelapa Gading Boulevard, a 3-4 miles strech of restaurant, bakery, cafe, and food stall. Talking about business sense, how can each of them survive with such a tense competition? Well they did, because most of us eat out with friends and family on any occassion.
On the picture above, me, my sister, my parents and my husband were trying exquisite sundanese food. I was born in Bandung, so that made the Sunda part of me. This is probably the first time in a decade I taste so much chilli amd fried "ikan gurame" (carp) again.
While below is the picture of strange food called a kind of "pepes ikan" which using bamboo shoot to cook it. As you see on the picture below, you even need hammer to open it! (That makes me think how difficult it is to put it in on the first place).
It taste hot, coconuty, and full of fragrance. It's undescribe-able. Simply yummy. It's no wonder I gained 7 lbs in 4 weeks!


Edna said...

Those food looks so YUMmY!Makes me drooool!

Snowcatcher said...

You're doing some lovely work with that new camera!

Cath J said...

Yummy... ope I can taste that on my coming trip to jakarta and Bandung.. ^_^

Liss said...

Oh if it's hot and coconutty then I'd like it.

You images look amazing, that new 50mm lens is working perfectly for you.

betchai said...

we share the same practice back home, what do we often to? EAT!!!! great pictures of foods.

Stardust said...




And I'll go on and go... =P

I miss chilli big time!

coffeesncookies said...

ooh. i love ikan gurame and another dish i like is the squids, which i think is grilled. There was a great Sundanese food at KLCC years ago.. sadly after they closed, I never came close to any good Indonesian around but there's another I'd like to try... ayam penyet..