Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Testing my 450D and 50mm f/1.4 lens

Thanks to my parents who bought me a new camera! Now that my Canon EOS 300D has already retire they got me a EOS 450D as my new toy. After browsing for reliable lens seller, we decide to match it with new 50mm f/1.4 lens bought in hongkong. (In case you are wondering, you can check this link to find a reliable and good priced photography supplies in hongkong :

Now, let see what it can do!

Picture of my son playing at the front porch of my late grand-dad. Sitting outside at 28 degree temperature, he was sweating buckets!
And below is the daugther of my old friend, Benjamin, my kindergarden (or nursery) friend. She is 12 days old in this picture.

Now let see more of its f/1.4 power in extreme low light and no tripod.


I've given up my 50mm f/1.8 to my sister so you'll see more of my f/1.4 in my next entries :-)
And lastly, I want to thank Teresa from "" for this award!

Hereby I would like to nominate another 3 blogs that has been my inspiration in many aspect.

1. - children and family photographer, it is the excellent site to look for editting ideas, get inspired by professional photographer, and get loads of promotion/freebies!

2. Tired of portrait? why not bookmarked Lucile's work at She is a finance manager who works round the world and currently based in Iran. She took amazing dreamy scenery around her with her Canon EOS Mark II.

3. How about food? well, if you want to find out where is nice and cheap to eat in southeast asia you can try or if you feel more challenged to try it yourself, try for yummy asian western fusion recipe.

Wish everyone a happy Wednesday!


Liss said...

Oh very nice lens, so much light, wonderful.
It must have been very humid in Hong Kong.

wenn said...

wow, lovely pictures!

Cath J said...

Amazing effects.. love the photos.. ^_^

Edna said...

Oooo...nice lens you got there!
Luvvv the shot of Alexa!

Keri Ann said...

Lovely images. What a great lens. I bet you are just in heaven!! I hope you had a wonderful trip. It is great to see you back. I love Savvy photographer. They are my inspiration a lot as well.

Snowcatcher said...

WOW!!! You certainly are having fun with the new equipment! New baby, too??? If so, CONGRATS!!! She's gorgeous. Love the new header on your blog, too. Very attractive.

Natasha de Bell said...

Josiah benar2 keliatan kegerahan, hehehe...

J.H said...

hi girls,
stay tuned for more :-)
I am still working hard editting the rest of them.