Monday, 18 January 2010

Victoria Peak

People said "Hongkong is a great place for shopping". No doubt that is really true. However, fortunate enough that shopping till you drop blood does not exactly run on my vein. On my 4 days visit in hongkong three of us only spend less than 4 hour to do a real shopping (in which one of them were to buy lens).
So what is it to see in Hong Kong when you hate shopping like me?
First of course there is Disneyland, but if you are alone it's kind of not as fun. So what else?

I say "Go and visit Victoria Peak!"

thepeak4With some seven million visitors every year, the Peak is a major tourist attraction of Hong Kong. But here is a useful tips. Don't visit the Peak right during daylight. Hong Kong is hardly have a clear air, somewhat it looks misty therefore looking towards a distance is kind of unclear. However, visibility does improve at night.
It offers spectacular views of the city and its harbours. The number of visitors led to the construction of two major leisure and shopping centres, the Peak Tower and the Peak Galleria, situated adjacent to each other.thepeak
The Peak Tower incorporates the upper station of the Peak Tram, the funicular railway that brings passengers up from Hong Kong's Central district, whilst the Peak Galleria incorporates the bus station used by the Hong Kong public buses and green minibuses on the Peak. The Peak is also accessible by taxi and private car via the circuitous Peak Road, or by walking up the steep Old Peak Road from near the Zoological Botanical Gardens.
Victoria Peak Garden is located on the site of Mountain Lodge, the Governor's old summer residence, and is the closest publicly accessible point to the summit. It can be reached from Victoria Gap by walking up Mount Austin Road, a climb of about 150 metres (490 ft). Another popular walk is the level loop along Lugard Road, giving good views of Hong Kong's Central district and Kowloon, and then returning via Harlech Road, encircling the summit at the level of the Peak Tower.

Tired of all day sight seeing? why not eat while enjoying the view from the Peak?
There are several restaurants on Victoria Peak, most of which are located in the two shopping centres. However, the Peak Lookout Restaurant, is housed in an older and more traditional building which was originally a spacious house for engineers working on the Peak Tramway. It was rebuilt in 1901 as a stop area for sedan chairs, but was re-opened as a restaurant in 1947.


Char said...

great shots

Teresa said...

Just letting you know, I nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger award because your photos are so inspiring. Check out my blog for details, Teresa

Natasha de Bell said...

gedung tinggi kaya tadi, pemandangan yg ga ada di okayama, hehe... fotonya bagus-bagus *sambil ngacungin jempol*

Cath J said...

Beautiful!! I add that in my HK trip list. ^_^

J.H said...

@char & cath : thank you!
@Teresa : wow... I am thrilled, thank you so much :-) God bless.

@Natasha : iya nat, di hongkong ternyata banyak tallest building in the world, check this list