Thursday, 4 February 2010

Another baby?

I notice some of you has been wondering, let me announce this that NONE of the baby picture I posted in this recent days are mine. I mean, they are not my baby. It's just so happen that at this moment in time loads of my friend seems to get pregnant or having babies.

So, mid of January, I took another previledge to hold my very best friend 11 days newborn.


Stuart Soteres E. Liauw.
Born on the 5th January 2010


His name means the Steward of the Saviour. Isn't that a great sounding name?

My best friend, Steven (Stuart dad) was my high school buddy. He was now a pastor of my home church. It's strange to think back how much all of us change since decade ago, we both move away, get married, embrace new friendship, and start a family.

Thanks God that our friendship remain the same. Moreover I have one extra friend, Daisy, my best friend wife - this is my very first time meeting her too. She is such a sweet lady and talented piano player, who is a excellent match for the role and ministry of her husband. How great is God who able to provide my best friend a wife like that?


P.S : I am keen to know from other photographer, how to create a better dynamic range. My camera seems to be very weak when used to shoot monochrome colour. Any advice welcome!


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Such a beautiful blog you have here...thanks for stopping by...
Have a wonderful day.

Snowcatcher said...

Such precious photos, even if none of the new babies are yours. It did answer the question, but the photos are so precious nonetheless!

Stardust said...

Fabulous shots! Sorry, I'm not good enough to advise anything. =P

Come collect an award on 'Friday scribbled' if you can. ;)

betchai said...

you are so good in baby photography, actually, in almost anything you take, so much talent.

Kamana said...

how adorable

Keriann said...

What a cutie, #2 is my favorite. It looks like you have been doing a few pics for others lately. Great job. I have to admit I am a bit jealous of all the wonderful adventures you go on and all the amazing places you visit. Thanks for sharing your pictures. It makes me feel like I am traveling a bit! :)

J.H said...

@Snowcatcher : thank you. I thought I need to let you know that this one is not mine too haha...:-)

@Stardust : wow thank you! I feel so honoured!

@betchai : I think I still need to learn a lot!

@Keri, we blog artist & Kamana : hey thanks for dropping by, really appreciate your comments.