Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Being Balinese

So today is my mother in law 2nd week in UK. She said it was cold here... in fact.... really cold! I wouldn't blame here looking out on frostly carpark outside my apartment. Winter just returned!

We just start to get back to the norm, me work, hubby is looking for work, and sending my son to playgroup. One thing do change though, since my mother in law is fond of cooking we all has been well fed. Not just any food, but good home made balinese food.
We all love it, except for a little alien who used to fish and chips. After 3 days of rice in a row, he had enough and start demanding for wedges and British sausage.
Now my worry came. He can't speak Indonesian and now he does not even like Indonesian food!

I wonder whether I educate my son enough to know his roots?

This remind me of one event in Bali. It's one of our very last day in Bali, we were visiting one of the temple in Ubud. It was a hot day. In a search of a shade, my eyes stop when I see a big shadow underneath a frangipani tree.
While we were sitting there, I suddenly realise that we have not take a picture with this flower. How can we forgot this while every statue and dancer were wearing this?
Mind you that wearing a flower is NOT a female thing in Bali. Both man and woman do wear flower when entering sacred places (and for adult, you have to dress modestly and wearing sarong). So I decided to educate my son a bit about balinese culture.
My son are so thrilled with his new "accessory".
At least, being a decendant of a balinese, my British boy does know something about frangipani.


Stardust said...

Oh your boy is just too cute with the petals! I didn't know that Balinese boys put them on too! Miss the fragrance of Frangipani, the sight of it means I'm in a tropical place, and feeling comfy. Yeah!

You look beautifully Balinese with one in your hair too. =)

Take care there since it's cold.

reanaclaire said...

hey JH..thanks for coming by.. i hope you will recover soon too.. i m on mc today... and will go see doc later..
so your son is from balinese descendant... interesting...
my son just came back from London after christmas, yes, he said it was freezing.. hahaha..

F A I T H said...

Hi hi... Those are really beautiful pictures!!! And boy, I love the smell of frangipani. ^.^

Oh yes, me too had similar worries about my girls not learning our dialect. My dad is Indonesian Chinese and he can't speak Bahasa well, so we didn't pick up Bahasa when we were young. But my family speaks Teochew (as most Indo Chinese does) and my husband's family too. Now we find our kids pretty reluctant to learn the language and that upsets me at times. Guess we just have to set good examples by speaking in our dialect more often and hopefully, the kids will eventually discover the beauty of this 'foreign' language.

J.H said...

@faith : that's really true, glad I am not all alone :-)

@Stardust : if you can grow orchid with your green thumb, you probably will be successfull with frangipani, no?

@reana : thanks dear, I am so much better now. Can't wait for spring!

Natasha de Bell said...

geli liat josiah pake 2 bunga, hihi... tp dia mau jg ya. si hiro paling anti ama bunga, kalo haruka sih mau krn dia cewe